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The final part of my Lake Tahoe casino gambling session. This video I only recorded the bonuses and key points in the games, so it’s a bit of a compilation.
Although American slots generally have a higher percentage than UK slots, because the jackpots are so high, they rarely seem to pay very high wins. I had several mini and medium progressive jackpots, but nothing massive.
These were played on multiple stakes, from up to .50 per spin. The exchange rate at the time (October 2018) was £1 = .30.


16 thoughts on “🗽✈️ LAKE TAHOE CASINO MEGA SLOTS SESSION part 2!!! 🗽”

  1. Cheers darren great video as always. Look forward to more of the same. Best wishes and good luck. Nice one

  2. The Vegas slots actually turn me right off from slotting. Stupidly low volatility. I would far rather less bonuses, bells and whistles but when you hit a bonus you hit big time as opposed to this low volatility bull shit. Way to many slot programmers that genuinely haven't a clue of what makes us tick.

  3. Omg Darren, it looks impossible to run reels as an income in the USA as I know that you know one can in the UK. Am I wrong?

  4. bad times when your bonuses in will hill are better than these. I had high hopes what with their pay% but these were poor payouts considering your wager. Saw a woman get 600 free spins on a 2$ spin. Only won a grand.gutted

  5. I've seen your 2 or 3 USA videos, and I get that the payouts aren't very good even though you said they were higher than UK machines. You're betting $12.50 to win like, 20x, 4x, 10x, that sort of territory. I'm going to stick with playing the cat B3 (arcade) machines where it's a softer profile and yet can still pay 100x on £1 game. Much appreciated you sharing the USA videos though – very educational!

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