4 Things Every Poker Player Should be Doing – Poker Vlog #10

As we prepare for the big holiday week we go over a bunch of 1/3 deep stack PLO hands and some 5/5/10 NLHE hands from Prime Social in Houston, Tx. My youngest son gets his first harrowing experience on Santa’s lap and my oldest son becomes a Boy Scout.

Editor’s note: In the second PLO hand the flop overlay says QQ3 instead of QQ8. Sorry about that! It was indeed an 8.

Also, I’m sorry about the audio quality (sounds like some gain on my voice). I think I have identified the issue and it shouldn’t happen again.

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4 Things Every Poker Player Should be Doing - Poker Vlog #10

9 thoughts on “4 Things Every Poker Player Should be Doing – Poker Vlog #10”

  1. love the omaha as well but I suggest seriously tightening your ranges. The raise with AJT4 from MP was not good imo, and the limping with your 69T4 double suited was tempting but also bad. you cant compare your pot odds pre flop the same as in NL because your implied odds are so much worse. then the BTN (i think) in the 69T4 hand raised to 25, thats a perfect example of the problem with limping trash. you managed to flop the only flop you could feel good about, and if a heart had come you would have had to pay off at least one street with a bad flush….i know its just 1/3, but if you intend to move up to higher PLO, ditch these bad hands early before they become bad habits. Great vlog and GL

  2. Loved the vlog! I can definitely tell youur getting a lot more comfortable talking to the camera. Keep up the great work man! Hopefully I’ll muscle up the courage to start a poker vlog

  3. Nice vlog loving the Omaha need more information I think but like all back doors and anything else that u miss I get more into it for some reason if u say every out manly because if u don't I'm thinking it and stops me paying as much attention but this is my frist one going back to the start and watching all ten off yours like and subscribed cheers mate cheep the hands coming and u got me

  4. Nice vid. I've played at PS a handful of times. What day and approximate time does the 5/5 game run?

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