Advice For Young Poker Hustlers (Podcast)

Advice For Young Poker Hustlers (Podcast)

Here’s some general poker advice taken from the Weekly Live Trainings in the PLO Mastermind. In these exclusive livestreams, members post their questions or hands and I answer them and follow up questions in real time.

Hope you enjoy these excerpts! Let me know if the comments your thoughts on these three majorly important topics.

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Advice For Young Poker Hustlers (Podcast)

17 thoughts on “Advice For Young Poker Hustlers (Podcast)”

  1. I am soo sick of poker, i dont think ill ever win something but i like to watch. Best advice was from Lex, dont lie to yourself.

  2. Jnandez i think that i dont have many other things in my life different than poker, couse i play and study the game all the time and i dont have time to do other things, its like a prison yeahh i train and do other things sometimes but every day its the same thing…..

  3. JNandezSelfHelp is a great channel and I would recommend it. I however think that you may want to condense your message a bit, the first 12 minutes is basically the same thing said in like 6 different ways.

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