BenBarrage tried HOSTING A CASINO!? | Growtopia

BenBarrage tried HOSTING A CASINO!? | Growtopia

I tried hosting a world like a casino!?

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BenBarrage tried HOSTING A CASINO!? | Growtopia

This is one of the machines I play each time I visit as it has paid out regularly. A little before I started my videos this same machine gave me an in line hit of three Polar High Rollers which was ,000. No red spins. I keep thinking it might happen again. There was a little Red Spins this time and hope you enjoy. JB Elah Lucky Me Lucky You Live Slots. Choctaw Gambling Casino, Durant, OK Red Spins Red Screens

Polar High Roller VGT Slots  Max

28 thoughts on “BenBarrage tried HOSTING A CASINO!? | Growtopia”

  1. JB do they allow filming in Oklahoma now? I was there in 2014 or so and they told me to turn my video off? Thanks for the new video.

  2. Hey JB next time you start singing how about a little charlie rich, rolling with the flow, LOL. Hey just a request I might have to get the tour bus warmed up. Take care

  3. I do love me some polar. Several yrs ago I was on a 2$ one going back n forth between 2,4, n max 6$ n it , started spinning n wouldn't quit. I walked away with 31 hundred from red spins alone. It was April fool's day too. !! How ironic was that???

  4. Hope your feeling better JB…4 times money is a good thing…good luck. Your overdue a big hand pay…

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