Betting On Lower Lows Till End 2019

Now that we see a first strong rebound since over half a year, people are wondering whether we saw the bottom. Especially Bitcoin Cash shot back up spectacularly more than doubling again in one day. Still I think odds are in favor of a lower low by middle 2019 due to typical duration cycle of bear market being half the duration of bull cycle, a lack of volume 2 days back when bottom was reached, a majority already thinking it will continue to go down (70%), but not a massive majority yet (90%), which is typical at end of bear cycle, all convince me odds are still for a deeper bottom.

Will not be trading any of the BCH I bought at 0 but lower my bids for remaining fiat from to around because we already reached and BCH has shown great weakness, as well as this:

Betting On Lower Lows Till End 2019

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  1. Marc I think it's important to factor in a crash in the fiat markets and/or increased user adoption. Crypto hasn't experienced either and I feel a crash could see billions run into crypto. It will be interesting as there is no historical president.

  2. I agree my friend, I had a similar dream a few days ago of what you're thinking, this feels exactly the same as '15 and then it dumped really hard. This doesn't feel like a bottom at all, but more like a profit taking of shorters before they reload higher, there is not so much sold and bought at the bottom.
    I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy christmas, nice to see your baby as well, the entire setting of this video gives me good christmas holiday vibes, excellent video as always Marc, thank you!

  3. I hope that people that fomo’d into this rally don’t get burned too much when we go to the true bottom

  4. All the best Marc for you and you lovely family!
    You opened my eyes in the beginning of 2018 and I locked in some profits!

  5. On the 18/12 I was too busy dicking around with my yellow car after one of the fuel injectors decided to hydro-lock cylinder 3. Many of the coins that I have interest in were at my target buys and by the time I had my car shit sorted the bloody market decides to take off like a rocket! I really need to re evaluate my priority's! However as a wise man on youtube says. Once one train leaves another one comes.

  6. Yeah I feel the same Marc. People aren't losing their shit yet. When they are taking about btc going to zero then we're around the bottom. I was listening to Helga talk about bottom indicators and bch is displaying a classic bottom at the moment. But btc has yet to capitulate. So I feel we're not there yet. This just looks like a healthy overdue rebound. Quick question. Do you think coins like ethereum and bch could bottom and start making a comeback before btc? As in: btc starts to finally follow other coins rather than lead?

  7. Thanks for your statements about the market. But without the choir it would not so painfull to follow your speech.

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