BRUTAL River Decision + Why I Play GTO in Live Poker | POKER VLOG 18

We’re back to talk about ten hands I play at a recent 5/5 session. We talk about ten hands, including facing a large river bet with Pocket Kings on a scary board that creates a almost ,000 pot. The discussion leads to the infamous debate of GTO versus Exploitative Poker, and I talk about what style I like to play.

Apologies for the lack of videos in the last two weeks. We’ll get back on track soon.

Hands start at 1:45, GTO vs Exploit talk/hand starts at 8:15.

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Q: Who are you, and what is this vlog about?

A: I’m a college student that studies at the University of Texas. I play poker on the side as a hobby / source of income. The experiences shared in the vlog are mainly intended to bring people into the amazing game of poker, as well as entertain poker players and casual watchers.

Q: I’m interested in the game. How do I play?

A: Here are the basic rules:

Q: I want to learn more about how I can improve, how much I can win playing poker, what it takes to succeed in poker, etc…

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BRUTAL River Decision + Why I Play GTO in Live Poker | POKER VLOG 18

18 thoughts on “BRUTAL River Decision + Why I Play GTO in Live Poker | POKER VLOG 18”

  1. Someone's been in the upswing lab 😉 your breakdown of the Kings hand sounded like I was listening to Polk himself! I think from GTO perspective you're spot on but as we both know live poker tends to be far from it. I had a similar hand today where I was playing vs a tight reg that's smart, I nearly tricked myself into thinking that he should/could be good enough to be bluffing in a spot…of course he wasn't. Anyway solid strat discussion as always. Despite not always agreeing of course, I know yours is one of the few poker vlogs out there giving solid advice and hand break downs. Good luck!

  2. Range advantage is really important when we play 3bet or 4bet pot. If you don’t have it and playing off position, it’s gonna be a tough spot anyway. I believe your opponent knows you have AA or KK when you check call the turn. And for that river card it’s going to be an indifferent call for you. So in my opinion, it’s no doubt that you should call the river bet if you don’t want to be exploited, however if you want to make a good balance when playing 3bet pot, unless it’s T98 or AQJ or TT9 types of shit, you should probably just lead the flop.

  3. I'm a n00b but i don't get the check-raise with quads on the turn. Why not just flat and see what you can get on the next street? I turned quads once and check-raised, and totally blew it because he turned a full house. sigh

  4. Didn’t you just say you were going to be posting some big loss? I mean people that have skepticism here are well within their right. You post wins every single time. It’s insane and so unrealistic. I mean I think you do an excellent job but are viewers really supposed to believe this?

  5. Personally feel like a smooth call on the turn with the quads might have been a better play than a raise. Let him hit his flush…

  6. bad river call imo. your forgetting 88 in his value range. if you think he's as wide as A2dd pre you need more than 5 bluff combos.

  7. Because he could have many more trash hands that doesnt mean that he would 3barrel bluff them off…so ur analisys is a bit biased imo fr a loose call with KK.
    Great vlog! Keep it up

  8. That’s the worst when they call a 3bet with a suited one gapper. That’s terrible man. But I can definitely realate. I had a guy call me with 92 and flop 2 pair. I had KK. Sucks.

  9. I love the honesty in your hand analysis. You are very solid for such a young player. Keep thinking about how to improve and you will always be ahead of the overwhelming majority of players at the table

  10. The fact that you stated your KK hand was face up in the small blind when you 3 bet preflop means you are unbalanced. Don't forget to be 3 betting from blinds occasionally with ax suited and suited broadways. It will keep the thinking players from taking advantage of you

  11. You really blew that quad 9 hand. Why did you raise the turn?? If he hit his flush draw you would have gotten paid!

  12. Also there was a hundred and forty. Five in the pot and you made it to 215 with your king king.. that's a lot of money to win without a fight I would bet a lot more than 215.. I have no problem just picking up the hundred and forty-five right there with the best hand so you better make him pay if you bet 300 or more he might have folded the 8:10 but he only had to call 180 more to win a total of 360 so he got two to one if you make it say 325 now he has to call 290 more to win 470 you cut his odds way down he can't call 290 more there.. but he did call 180 to win 360 but he's not going to call 300. More with 8 10s to win 470 you gave him some decent odds if he's a loose player to call although I never would.. nobody in their right mind should call another 300

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