Casino (1995) – Ginger’s Mission in Life Was Money – CLIP HD


Movie Year: 1995

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– Robert De Niro as Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein
– Sharon Stone as Ginger McKenna
– Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro
– James Woods as Lester Diamond
– Don Rickles as Billy Sherbert
– Frank Vincent as Frank Marino
– Kevin Pollak as Phillip Green
– Vinny Vella as Artie Piscano
– Catherine Scorsese as Piscano’s Mother
– and Melissa Prophet as Jennifer Santoro

Casino (1995) -  Ginger's Mission in Life Was Money -  CLIP HD

20 thoughts on “Casino (1995) – Ginger’s Mission in Life Was Money – CLIP HD”

  1. @Laura Lee I know it`s only Stone`s character in the movie, but I just heard she was difficult to work with, a lot of movie stars have big egos, Marlon Brando was infamous for that kind of stuff and Eddie Murphy. 👍

  2. This is the female these rappers and baller black men marry then get pissed off when they fleece them for child support or alimony. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  3. Stone`s character is over the top but her chemistry with DeNiro saves her here, they wanted Madonna to play this role, wow that would have been humiliating.

  4. What an idiot! He could have any girl. He decided to wife a whore with high mileage and high age.

  5. Women, this is exactly how they are. Always hungry for your money. Only smart men end up banging and leaving. Morons get down on their knees!

  6. We are a society of equals where men and women are equal to each other right? Sam should have had security take a hammer to her right hand.

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