Casino (1/10) Movie CLIP – A Hell of a Handicapper (1995) HD

Casino (1/10) Movie CLIP – A Hell of a Handicapper (1995) HD

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Ace (Robert De Niro) looks back on being given “paradise on Earth,” the chance to run The Tangiers in Las Vegas, and how it all came crumbling down.

The inner-workings of a corrupt Las Vegas casino are exposed in Martin Scorsese’s story of crime and punishment. The film chronicles the lives and times of three characters: “Ace” Rothstein (Robert De Niro), a bookmaking wizard; Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci), a Mafia underboss and longtime best friend to Ace; and Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone, in a role she was born to play), a leggy ex-prostitute with a fondness for jewelry and a penchant for playing the field. Ace plays by the rules (albeit Vegas rules, which, as he reminds the audience in voiceover, would make him a criminal in any other state), while Nicky and Ginger lie, cheat, and steal their respective ways to the top. The film’s first hour and a half details their rise to power, while the second half follows their downfall as the FBI, corrupt government officials, and angry mob bosses pick apart their Camelot piece by piece.

TM & © Universal (1995)
Cast: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone
Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Barbara De Fina, Joseph P. Reidy
Screenwriters: Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese

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Casino (1/10) Movie CLIP - A Hell of a Handicapper (1995) HD

19 thoughts on “Casino (1/10) Movie CLIP – A Hell of a Handicapper (1995) HD

  1. There has been some serious revisionism around this movie. People say it's superior to Goodfellas. And it just isn't. Even this clip, with Pesci's introduction a really clunky bit of exposition. In Goodfellas, Henry's narration is complementary, adding texture and colour to events, never used to plug holes or telegraph exposition. But in this we have two main narrators and then Frank Vincent jumps in for a totally unnecessary minute. A good 45 mins of the movie is a domestic soap opera.

    A watchable movie? Of course. It's Scorsese. A good movie? Yep, same deal. Better than Goodfellas? Fuh-huck no.

  2. 45 seconds in and now I just gotta put the whole goddamn movie in and watch again. 🤦🏼‍♂️😭

  3. >And he had Ginger the woman he loved on his arm


    Lets see how long this lasts she seems like a mental right in the head kind of woman.

  4. Everybody talks about that casino! G E T C A S I N O . T K They giving away 2000 eur and 200 spins

  5. Funny how Pesci says they "F**ked it all up". Everything De Niro was doing running the place was just fine. It was all the old bosses back home making decisions unaware of the repercussions. Like armchair generals, they weren't on the ground there to really know what was going on. They figured they could just solve a problem by having someone whacked, but then that would create more problems. If the money kept rolling in and they were willing to let they guys out there run things there way, it would have ended better for everyone.

  6. god what a beautiful intro. man, Scorsese is a man that truly deserves more praise than what he has now.

  7. Robert De Niro & Sharon Stone – Mafia Chronicles (1998) – Co-Starring Joe Pesci, Chazz Palminteri & Frank Vincent – Sarah (Sharon Stone) kicks Ronald De Vinci (Robert De Niro) outta her house in New York City 1995 waking up Ashley & Kevin after finding the 20 kilo of Pure Cocaine hidden underneath her bed

  8. They should have at least dyed his hair so that he looked more like the real Frank Rosenthal.

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