Crushing microstakes poker with Charlie Carrel – Labelling systems

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Crushing microstakes poker with Charlie Carrel - Labelling systems

10 thoughts on “Crushing microstakes poker with Charlie Carrel – Labelling systems”

  1. Like the video and comment here on what video content you'd like to see. Your wish is kind of my command if it's a good wish and I can be bothered, sirs.

  2. Great video as always Charlie. One thing i personally suffer from big time is anxiety to play. It doesn't matter the stake, even 2NL. Sometimes even when i can get myself to play and i sit down, i open 4 tables, play 1 hand then sit out next big blind as it doesn't "feel right". Do you have any tips / advice for helping with this?

  3. Appreciate all the time, efffort and hard work you are putting in micro stakes for us!! You make me feel the dream is alive, thx mate

  4. Hi Charlie, thanks for all the great content you've been putting out, the mix of poker & philosophy is really interesting. I have a lot of respect for your life trajectory, mainly as it's similar to mine… blockchain, poker, development work and what I understand as your version of personal development are very much interests of mind also, and I can't help but have respect for someone 8yrs younger than me that seems more mature in a lot of these areas. I'm leaving this comment as someone who has worked in charities/development/social care for the last 11yrs – if you ever want to bounce ideas or whatever, please feel free to send me a message.

  5. I think you may be the first great poker player to show how to be a good poker player and even better human being at the same time. I'm looking forward to more of the bankroll challenge.

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