Current State Of CS:GO Skins/Trading/Gambling (+ Channel Update)

Current State Of CS:GO Skins/Trading/Gambling (+ Channel Update)

New cs:go video where I explain the current state of csgo skins, trading, and gambling. Aswell as giving my opinions and a channel update.
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Current State Of CS:GO Skins/Trading/Gambling (+ Channel Update)

19 thoughts on “Current State Of CS:GO Skins/Trading/Gambling (+ Channel Update)”

  1. Yo Unic.
    I am a skin reseller, and before the tradehold it was just so easy to earn money from it, but know it is kinda hard, because of the API Scam, and the market is nearly dead. I come from Denmark, and in August 2017, the market was really active, you easily could buy and sell skins, earn some easy cash, and also the people that was'nt reselling could also sell their skins to us resellers for a nice price, now they get alot less, so the whole market fell alot in value and activity.
    It would be so nice, if they could decrease the trade hold to 3 days, and see how it affects the market, as i think it would be affective for the community and Valve.

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  3. No, they didn't went after opskins cuz they wanted more traffic on the steam market, they did it because after they MADE A TRADE HOLD TO STOP GAMBLING SITES, opskins made a trading system that made them able to run again, ofcourse opskins had to fo that because most of the skins sold on there were by those sites, so valve had to take action… Opskins was violating valve's terms of service by using steam accounts for comercial purposes, so thet could've closed them waaaay earlier..I never was for the trade hold, because i was a big trader, and still kinda am, and i loved opskins, but they had to do something!

    Edit a few secconds later:
    I only heard the part "It was blatant" so i made this rant, watched more of it and saw you were talking about gambling, still they didn't want to close it for making more money, they wanted to close it because of the bad media attention, and legal issues, so yeah, i won't delete the other part cuz it gives some light to the situation.

  4. as soon as you started talking about music my immediate guess was metal. Guess we both like the same music lol.

  5. Yoo you need to bring your channel over to rust bro. It’s a growing game, and I’ve put 7.5k hours into it. I’ve yet to get bored and I’ve played daily for a year. Their gambling is growing aswell. Maybe give it a try. Love you brother! Been with you for a while and watched every vid <3

  6. You should take a risk and try to change If you wanna grow. Trading and skins are so dead after everything that has happend….If you keep goong, it Will hurt ur channel on a long run. Look at people like Turbomotionz, pure sellout. His channel is so dead now. He even told his subscribers to watch his vids otherwise he would hang himself!? Wanna end up like him? Taking a risk Will always end up good at the end 🙂 Do things that you enjoy, that is How you grow a fanbase, not giveaways 🙂 GL man!

  7. Trading DEFINITELY is not dead, and the prices are increasing I think people like skins almost more than they used to

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