17 thoughts on “Epic Movie Scenes – Casino – “You lost control””

  1. great intro music. it really captured the tone of the movie. It is a song that isnt at all dated and will always work

  2. F***ing hilarious scene…. I wonder if in the end charlie did give Nicky his money back?…but Nicky was beginning at this point to get out of control…

  3. I can see president Trump telling acosta the press man he beat the shit out him ! Trump stomp that acosta ass !

  4. By the way, that intro and outtro gave me instant hemorrhoids. I need to get a pillow to sit on now, excuse me, folks.

  5. I think Sam's all-pink outfits are ok. A hetero man who can wear all pink is confident in his own persona.

  6. They connect to every movie they make .. awesome actors love there movies a big thumbs up 👍🏼

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