EVICTED? new laws at Blue Water Casino RV Parking

Sudden Change in laws for parking on the dirt in blue water casino RV area. The laws changed that day because we had checked with several different sources before parking up there.
It caused a lot of stress because Laura was leaving the next day and getting a ride so I had to get her RV and her to a new location.
I panic Under pressure because I’m not sure that I can perform and meet the expectations that were set.
I’m settled in a new location and doing better thank you for watching.
Plotting my way back to making videos with a little PTSD from loosing my traveling pet Teddy.
I am an full time RVer with Fibromyalgia, Sensory Processing Disorder and a small dose of ADD and a big dose of Humor.
I love all the views, subscriptions, comments and Patrons.

thank you for considering supporting me and helping me to keep making videos.

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EVICTED? new laws at Blue Water Casino RV Parking

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  1. Who was even talking about using men??? Where is ur mind at?? I just said a friendship that's all and then U took it left.

  2. Why not BLM land in Parker? Joey it sounds like if you were in parking lot with a casino card using the casino you can stay free, is that correct?

  3. And all the other ally's, I had to rewind as I heard and all the other Eileens, lol, it's fun in my deaf world! Shocked at beginning, sad at middle, happier towards end. Have some Kyani, Kool-aid and some kool air coming in. Feel better and type at you later, [hugz]

  4. I travel in my 25 foot class A Winnebago Warrior motorhome around the USA making videos for my channel. I do all kinds of videos but my favorite are the creepy and abandoned places. I'm 57 beat cancer decided to get on the road so I sold my trailer to buy my motorhome. I've been doing it for like three months. I been learning as I go.

  5. Don't like to see you sad. But keeping it real just makes us love you more. Hope you are doing much better by now. 😘

  6. Hi, I’m wondering if you’re planning to head for that piece of land that was gifted to you, understanding that you need help with wiring solar/& other rig issues. Hope you get some more help, so you can camp on land you own, and reduce the stress of moving around on BLM land. Take care of yourself, I imagine how overwhelming the prospect of moving from one place to another can be, good luck!

  7. When stuff like this happens in my life it generally means something better is right around the corner. Once I struggle through the process everything is much better. I hope this is what happened for you.

  8. You are such an open inspiring woman please keep making videos! You are stronger than you give yourself credit ! Be safe and happy.

  9. You can stay at La Posa in Quartzsite.. I think you can stay up to 9 mos but after 2 weeks you have to pay. I think its 180 dollars for 9 mos, something like that. Maybe you can call and find out. Theres also a vacant lot behind Terribles at I 40 across from the flying J. It's a large lot people and trucks stay at.

  10. My God, woman, it's $15.00 lousy dollars. What makes you think everything should be free for you?😎

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