10 Signs You Are Addicted To Gambling: Stop Addiction To Casinos and Online

10 Signs You Are Addicted To Gambling: Stop Addiction To Casinos and Online

#SignsYouAreAddictedToGambling #GamblingAddiction

This is a follow up to a video I released called:
Life As a VIP High Roller At the Casino: What It’s Like, Why I Gave It All Up and Gambling Addiction

I am going to tell you the signs and teach you how to spot someone that may have a gambling problem.

Here are the 10 signs:

1) Always thinking about ways to beat the casino
2) You can’t be honest about your behavior
3) Spending to much time at the casino or online gaming
4) Saying you can stop any time you want
5) Gambling before you pay your bills
6) Borrowing money to gamble
7) Chasing your losses
8) Trying to win to support yourself and pay bills
9) Justifying your losses
10) Playing scared
Honorable mention… but I play poker

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10 Signs You Are Addicted To Gambling: Stop Addiction To Casinos and Online

13 thoughts on “10 Signs You Are Addicted To Gambling: Stop Addiction To Casinos and Online

  1. I can relate i traded stocks pretty recklessly and it cost me big time and because of my limited experience and knowledge of how to do it i would consider it gambling. you find a good company and think this is the one, you invest everything into it, only to see it crash even if it is a billion dollar company, and start to think that after it's gone down so much it has to go up now, or maybe this idea that your luck on the table is going to start turning around. At the end of the day if it affects your well being you need to know when to cut your losses. It can be a lot easier said than done, it took me losing a years worth of work to finally tell myself that enough is enough and regardless of what happens i need to step back and reevaluate.

  2. It's hard to hear the truth. I feel like I just got called a dope fiend 🙁 True stories though.

  3. Anton, I'm curious what you think of someone who likes and enjoys playing poker enough to the point at which studying ways to beat their opponents in ways similar to like what you mention in the 1st sign (looking for ways to beat the house) does not ruin the game's fun for them. Like what if they're actually good at poker??

    Anyone who devotes enough time to studying the right things is bound to get better, no? Do you think someone who improves enough should stop? Actually I guess that question answers itself… Depends!!

    Good insights here; I'm definitely on the steep end of a slope I'd say cause a number of these applied to me, and I've only really played a few months now!! Friends got tired of losing, and honestly I felt bad winning $30 or so at a time from them so i found more a less a poker community of strangers to play with and it hasn't been bad; finished second in my first $25 buy in house tourney, made $150. Been twice again now and didn't break the bubble, but I intend on going again considering I am $75 up. Unfortunately I spent that on rent LOL

    Never played online, never been to a Casino, but I'm going to Mexico in a few weeks to give a shot on a website w/ $50 to see if I can turn it into some extra cash starting w blinds at the cents level before moving up the stakes and if I lose it all I'll have to exercise some discipline I suppose.

    I believe some pros have said the biggest mistake that good poker players make before making a career out of it is spending the money they win before they grow it as a "bankroll" (money set aside for poker). Once this is big enough, they pay their bills, exercise their newfound liberties and continue the grind. The trick is never to gamble what you can't afford! Unless you're a real gambling rambling wheeling and dealing lowlife like myself. JK

    Just be smart and educate yourselves people!! Stay away from craps and blackjack they are designed to make you lose!! Poker ain't against the casino and if you win they win considering the rake they take.

    If u wanna get started w poker, just learn about pot odds and hand equity and you'll have a lil edge against most rookie players. This does not mean you will always win. In fact you will lose most of the time. The real trick is to minimize your losses and maximize gains, and with a little thing called Positive Expected Value anyone is well on their way, in the long run!!

    My sincerest apologies for this rant gee whiz I must be addicted!! Don't mention my delirious justifications; I already know what I'm doing, but pray for me lawl that I don't ruin my life. Cheers.

  4. How's come some Casino's will kick you out, if you win a lot of money even if you don't cheat?

  5. Brother Anton,
    You are correct in your descriptions of behaviors and “patterns” that people have when it comes to gambling addiction (or any addiction).
    As someone who worked in the gambling industry for 30 years( trained racehorses), i can tell you this 100% of gamblers, 100% have lied to their friends and family about how much they had lost on a certain day, week, year gambling.
    The problem with gambling for “ fun” is that humans have a compulsive personality.They have an addicting personality as a rule.
    You can’t tell a person addicted to alcohol, cmon have just a small shot.You can’t tell a person addicted to crack, cmon take just one hit.
    It doesn’t work, for every 100 people who do it on occasion or for entertainment about 20 will become full fledged gamblers in the long run.Then the excuses come about needing money, paying bills, lying to family and so forth.
    One of the biggest excuses i used to hear from people that i know we’re becoming addicted was “My car broke down and it cost me $$$ to fix “, thats why i need to borrow the money.I knew people who never even had a car give same excuse.
    The worst addicted ones would tell me how they had a “ SYSTEM” to beat the casino or races… lol
    The second you hear “system” from a gambler, you know 100% they are addicted and need help.
    You can never stop 99% of any of these gamblers from gambling,they will only go to another addiction.
    But maybe you can help the 1% who get to a point in their lives who are ready to admit that they cannot win and say “enough”.
    The saddest part for me was when an old horse player ( must have been 85 years old)who knew me because i was a trainer of these racehorses and was popular at the track.He told me that in his life he had lost over 5 million dollars in his life( and I believe him by his betting patterns).That wasn’t the sad part, sad part was he said and I quote “Gambling has taken my money, my family my houses, my retirement, my friends, my vacations, but the biggest thing it has taken from me is my SELF RESPECT “
    He told me that dying broke is not a problem for him(he had made peace with that), but having lost his self respect for years made him feel completely worthless and that he had wasted a life that might have been worth something.He said that he wishes that he could have given the $5 million that he lost in his lifetime to charity or his family or anywhere else besides this gambling.He said that maybe if he had done that, that his life would have been worth something.
    He said that he has no life, he is just a soul waiting to die..”Die from a life well wasted.”
    That’s what gambling does for you, those are your real comps and rewards….
    Sad but true.
    Having lived in this gambling game for over 35 years i can tell you that you can NEVER win.
    We had a saying in horse racing and it goes like this……….”You can beat a race, but you will NEVER beat the races”.
    This means that when gambling, you might win once in a while, but in the end you will LOSE EVERYTHING.

    Welcome to mankind!!!
    Tom !!!

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