Crazy Slot Lady SKIPPED Her DOCTOR Visit to Gamble (Gambling Vlog#23)

Crazy Slot Lady SKIPPED Her DOCTOR Visit to Gamble (Gambling Vlog#23)

Crazy Slot lady skipped her doctors visit to gamble haha. That’s some good Degen levels. My gambling vlog episode 23 we were at parx casino and we played multi-hand video poker and PLO live regular poker. Nice old slot lady 2018.

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Crazy Slot Lady SKIPPED Her DOCTOR Visit to Gamble (Gambling Vlog#23)

18 thoughts on “Crazy Slot Lady SKIPPED Her DOCTOR Visit to Gamble (Gambling Vlog#23)

  1. Always chase your losses is great advice. I was down 850 bucks at the blackjack table. I had maxed out my daily atm limit so I left the casino and drove the 40 minutes home to grab 400 bucks I had at home for a car payment. I went back and was down to my last 75 bucks when I put a 50 dollar bet on the table and a 25 dollar side bet on lucky ladies. ( Sucker bet I knpw but I was so pissed at myself I wanted it to really hurt) lol. Long Story short I managed to get the 2 queen of hearts on the side bet. That alone paid 125 to 1 which would have been 3125. EXCEPT…. the dealer was showing a 10 of clubs… i wasnt even thinking about him having a black jack. Well, he checked for a blackjack and said "Holy Shit buddy, I got the Ace underneath" they callex the pit boss over to flip it and my 25 dollar bet suddenly paid out at 1000 to 1 because I had the queen of hearts to a dealer blackjack. They shut the table down for about 45 minutes while security reviewed all the footage to make sure it was a legal bet. Everyone and their cousin was coming up to me in the casino congratulating me on my 25,000 dollar win. Thid was at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town RaceTrack in W.V. after they took out federal and Virginia state taxes for where I lived tbat paid 18,007 dollars. So I am definitely glad I chased my losses that day lol

  2. You need to stop overvaluing aces in PLO… I lose more than I win with aces you n3ed to hit at least trips and get a boat a lot of the time to be good.

    I fold aces and Kings in PLO all the time. I only play them on a disconnected paired board.

  3. On the plo do u tip the dealers when u cash? I went to Vegas got in a $60 buy in and cashed with like $372 I didn’t know about tipping dealers and felt like a douche cuz I didn’t know

  4. Liked and subscribed, nothing but quality content. I myself went chasing them losses over the weekend but didn't get so lucky. Love from Australia <3

  5. Entertaining! Thanks for sharing! Just subbed your channel. Please check ours out too! Trying to get to that first hurdle of 1000 subs! Thanks!

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