Gambling Addiction & Me – The Real Hustler (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

Gambling Addiction & Me – The Real Hustler (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

Alexis Conran is definitely someone you don’t want to be playing cards with. An expert poker player and a man thoroughly at home in a casino, Alexis enjoys the thrill that comes with gambling.

But what for Alexis is a pleasurable past-time and part of a lucrative career, ruined his father. Alexis’s Greek father was a gambling addict who committed fraud to get money for betting and went to prison for his crimes. Alexis has become increasingly interested in exploring the tipping point that turns the odd flutter into something darker and more dangerous. Why can most people place one bet and then walk away; when some men and women are compelled to lose their shirt, their house and their families on a losing streak?

In this documentary, Alexis travels around Britain, to Las Vegas and to Athens in Greece. He meets gambling addicts, experts and members of his own family to try and understand what makes gambling, for some, a compulsion that can end in ruin. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries?
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Gambling Addiction & Me - The Real Hustler (Full Documentary) - Real Stories

10 thoughts on “Gambling Addiction & Me – The Real Hustler (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

  1. I went 8 months no gambling, then my girlfriend got me gambling again. 1 week back on it unfortunately

  2. Never trust a winner, its a statistical fact if you have a billion people guess outcomes some people will just win all of the time forever, its just a fluke outcome

  3. If you spin a coin 200 times and ask a million people to bet on the outcome, its a statistical fact most people will guess correct half the time, a few people won't at all and a few people will win all of the time, some people win just because of dumb luck, these people are just the statistically unlucky few, its just statistics

  4. This documentary help me to quit gambling on star panic you to that disease control my brain my life could be better than this if I save the money I spent on my life and gambling and I would be a better person and more happy person if I cure the disease to free my brain

  5. It's not addiction and it's not you like you go fishing catching up fish and the fish is dead do you killer did you kill another creature or a human or animal no because that is something and another thing is something else that is the disease when did disease control your brain you are not the same person you want to help yourself but disease control your brain and Gunna be free without your disease disease killed in his age you shave your brain and yourself

  6. You want to quit gambling you try you do your best and you find out yourself but eventually back to the gambling because you're not in control your brain is in good control why are you not in control because of the disease control your brain whatever you tell yourself to do your brain did not agree with you because are you not in charge good decision charge when you cure that disease you would be in charge you're going to use you came out to three some people blow the brain why because define out the brain is the enemy do you want the brain to stop but did you Jesus control the brain

  7. I should say to you that info in gambling tell me That im gambler not just addiction to gambling. It's stage move with out control when. Gambling be come disease. Your Brain Lost control that disease is in charge of your movement and your addiction and go gambling. You have to find a cure for your brain not for gambling addiction when you find the fuel of the disease you will stop gambling because disease must have a cure like everything in life when you find a cure for it the problem you became a free

  8. When the ceo of Bet365 has paid herself 250 million a year off peoples misery you know somethings going terribly wrong in our society. Wake up people.

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