Gambling Addiction (My Story)

Gambling Addiction (My Story)

Gambling Addiction (My Story)

In this video Tony Swedberg talks to you about having a gambling addiction. Tony goes into telling you how much of a compulsive gambler he was and how he lost everything. He explain how he went to the casino everyday betting big and lots of money. This poker documentary was created to help gamblers and show them how empty the casino will be once you lose it all betting every last dollar. This is a real story how gambling ruined my life and how to get back on track as a addicted gambler.

The book that helped me affiliate link below

Tony Swedberg
Gambling Addiction (My Story)

10 thoughts on “Gambling Addiction (My Story)

  1. Great video. You have to be humble It takes a lot of dedication to make money at poker. The absolute most important thing is making sure your the best or one of the best players in the pool. Just don't play where there's a lot of players at your same skill level. If you want to make money consistently.

  2. Ur a rich man for sure and u would be wealthier weren't it not for ur uncontrolled gambling!

  3. I currently just lost $1800 in 3 days with a total loss of $2500. I was a really good card counter winning $5k and lost it all but I turns into being a gambler. No more blackjack or Casino

  4. Im 17 and i borrow some money started 30euro i lost ofc i went to my brother and i stole around 300euro and i lost i thought i can make it back and i lost 150euro
    Im so addicted i have been gambling for 2years *started csgo gambling skins * now i dont know how to return my money because i borrow from my friends and they need is it
    I thought about killing myself im so depressed rightnow
    Sorry for my bad english…..

  5. Tony…you can imagine what my life has been like…I began college at UNLV in Las Vegas…the addiction has lasted for 18 years… something has to be done to protect the young & Americans in general from this predatory activity…sad!

  6. if you want out of the life hit a meeting and raise your hand for help i will always carry the message

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