Growing Old Gambling

Growing Old Gambling

NET’s original documentary focuses on the growth of problem gambling in the Baby Boomer generation.

With more time and financial resources, experts say Baby Boomers are more at-risk to become caught in the grip of out-of-control gambling. In the Midwest, there are both state and tribal run casinos, and lottery, keno and sports betting are easily accessible. Seniors often gamble as a social activity, and when the wagering becomes a problem, recouping financial losses can be difficult, if not impossible.

NET’s original documentary focuses on the growth of problem gambling for Baby Boomers. It features personal stories from those who’ve suffered emotional and financial consequences, as well as guidance from leading experts in crisis intervention and the treatment of gambling addictions in older adults.
Growing Old Gambling

11 thoughts on “Growing Old Gambling

  1. As the casino's home in on the millenials… problem with that the millenials are not going to have the kind of money as a whole that the boomers had so they better not be banking on them to keep there fancy gambling establishments open. They are thinking in terms of the "old economy"

  2. Addiction to phone apps and social media is probably far worse than gambling. Putting the two together just allows addicts to find one more addiction. I use a phone for phone calls – that used to be what a phone was for.

  3. The only words that I can express is, before you try or do anything in life is to do a self examination of what your personality trates are ie; 1) do I have an addictive personality 2) I’m I obsessive , if you can answer these two ? Than my avice is too pray and ask Jesus take control of your thoughts and Feeling too overcome.

  4. It’s not the devil. It’s us wanting to gain what we lose as like anything in life. Don’t do it. It will control you. Just don’t do it. Play bingo not slots or cards. At lest it will slow you down enough to think.

  5. Almost all of my family, including aunts and uncles are gambling addicts — mom, both brothers, sister and her husbands, poss my dad, my mom's mom, and almost all of my mom's siblings.

    If you think you have beat this problem, you prob haven't. The most my mom ever made gambling was through Ca Lottery – but she did not hit a million dollar jackpot. She won approx 9K, but most certainly spent upwards of 75K in her lifetime. House rules every time.

    Gambling sucks generally, and I will only do it on vacation with budgeted funds, being satisfied with the little bit of entertainment I get. I can walk away from it with no problem and often win small amounts of money. But that's me.

    I learned from Mom what gambling does to people. It's a very sad way to live.

  6. It's not the casinos it's the emptiness in their lives. Gambling is like any other dope. Looking for the high, the adrenaline rush. If you gamble and have fun, remember to never take money you don't have or can't afford to lose. If you set a budget for entertainment, dinners, movies, vacations why can't you set a budget for gambling? Why do you have to ruin it by going crazy? Just do it in moderation remembering the objective is to win and have fun, not to go broke and crazy! It's not the devil as some have posted, it's people have have nothing else in their lives chasing a high to fill the gap. If you don't have the money you can't gamble. If you know you can only afford to lose $100.00 dollars why chance $500.00. That's just stupid!

  7. Drinking, smoking, credit cards, lust, etc., etc. Laws should not be made limiting EVERYONE'S freedom because ONE person can't control THEIR mind.

  8. Losing 750k,there's another form of Gambling to loss your money,and not be bad it,STOCK MARKET,you go all In,,

  9. What is the average cost of a Game King Keno machine? I've always wanted to completely destroy one after losing my bankroll.

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