JOE ROGAN – JOEY DIAZ on GAMBLING ADDICTION | "It's a f*** nightmare"

JOE ROGAN – JOEY DIAZ on GAMBLING ADDICTION | "It's a f*** nightmare"

Joe Rogan talks with Joey Diaz on gambling addiction.

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JOE ROGAN - JOEY DIAZ on GAMBLING ADDICTION | "It's a f*** nightmare"

19 thoughts on “JOE ROGAN – JOEY DIAZ on GAMBLING ADDICTION | "It's a f*** nightmare"

  1. I worked with a guy that told me a story about a night he had in Vegas playing poker. At one point, he was up like $125,000 but, he was drinking heavily and decided to keep playing. Ten hours later, he was down a couple thousand. Had he not been drinking so much, he said that he would have stopped but he just couldn't give up.

  2. My friend works at a casino. One thing you never heard about are the suicides in the parking lot. At least 2 or 3 every week.

  3. It’s one thing to lose your own money but the worst is borrowing to fuel the addiction.

  4. i love to gamble but luckily i know when to stop. it sucks to lose your hard earned money but it sucks way more to lose your house and everything u got.

  5. Gambling is completely legal in Ireland, and the amount of addicts and how deep the problem becomes when it gets a grip, is a massive problem. By the end it's got nothing to do with money, it's just the rush. Really good people start lying and stealing from their own loved ones. It's actually a horrible addiction.

  6. My dad worked in a book makers and he always told me gambling is the worst addiction and thankfully I never got into it.

  7. I want to start a video game site where people bet bitcoins on the outcome of street fighter matches, that'll be fun

  8. People don't know how to gamble, 1. Some experts win often, but really most people will lose more time than they win, so bet small and then increase the bets as you go, you should win eventually, 2. Set a limit, if you hit the limit before you win, quit, end of

  9. I love gambling, if video games have gambling in them sometimes I'll forget about the video game and just play blackjack, real life gambling can cost money, which is unfortunate

  10. Last year I dated a Woman with a gambling addiction. She lost me 600 dollars in the track and the cunt never paid me back

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