John Daly: I lost $55 million gambling

John Daly: I lost million gambling

John Daly admits to his gambling addiction, with losses over million and two days straight at the slots

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John Daly: I lost  million gambling

12 thoughts on “John Daly: I lost $55 million gambling

  1. i always had a rule when I gamble if I win off the casinos money I stop then piss it away on a hot hooker at least they paid for it not me!

  2. every time I gamble I feel like im going to win and crazy as it sounds im prolly up over all in my lifetime of gambling. I don't gamble much anymore but I never was a big gambler. I would only roll with 1000 bucks maybe 1500 at the most.

  3. The fact that this troll interviewer laughed at the amount of losses has nerve to say how Daly was laughing at that huge loss. Daly certainly never laughed about loosing such a large amount of money. Graham is such a troublemaker. Boycott this channel. One less YouTube troll nobody needs or wants.

  4. Did he lose 55 million overall? Or was that just the money he put down on bets that he lost? Maybe he made like 110 million on successful bets vs 55 million on failed bets.

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