Lost My Family Due To My Gambling Addiction :(

Lost My Family Due To My Gambling Addiction 🙁

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Lost My Family Due To My Gambling Addiction :(

10 thoughts on “Lost My Family Due To My Gambling Addiction :(

  1. I don't gamble, lol. Hope you could tell that was a joke. I always want to win, but if the house always wins, it means I don't……soooooo I'll just keep my money. 🙂

  2. Don't joke with that you better pray you dont go on gambling and start taking 6 figures from loan sharks like me or other compulsive gamblers. Then you will go back in time and curse yourself for even joking with taht.. It is a serious problem !

  3. I'm failing to see how this is funny. People who actually suffer with addictive personality and actually have this happen to them is far from funny.

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