Doug Polk buys in to the highest stakes poker tournament ever played online. The buy-in is 2,000 and features players like Jason Mercier, Fedor Holz, Ike Haxton, Igor Kurganov, and Ben Tollerene. This may not be the World Series of Poker Main Event, but it’s definitely one of the sickest Texas Hold’em events of all time, and it was streamed live on Twitch.

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The payouts for this event:

1st: ,400,00
2nd: 0,000
3rd: 0,000

17 thoughts on “STREAMER LOSES $102,000 GAMBLING ON TWITCH

  1. click bait scammer reported……………… u do not LOSE that money . the buy in was not that ffs. u could say twitch streamer lose potential 100k. unilke , unsub , reported bye

  2. Doug, I watch most of your analysis on your series of poker hands and I think that it was a clear check/fold even though you have the Ace you had a weak Ace. The real Doug would have never all in.

  3. what's with the down votes??? btw I remember you playing that hand, good to see you made a video about it

  4. I live in ny if I wanted to play for real cash online how would I go about doing so .. Pokerstars says I can't because its illegal in my state .. If there is a way around this please let me know .Thanks so much

  5. Actually u were losing anyway. He had 4 hearts so 1 more for flush. Either way gg but not ur game..

  6. only on POKERSTARS typical hand where a player from nothing makes a straight runner runner . at least put a fuckin heart there . its all graphics and is so stupid. is like a slot machine. i once had aces in a tournament and after 5 hours of good play .. one of those idiots that goes allin with any hand … he went allin against me with j2 and i busted him with aces . the five cards were 2JJJ2 . next hand .. i catch a set of queens on flop 23Q , guy pays me with aj , next cards are 54 . he makes straight im out of tournament . is like the system wanted me out of the game. and thats what they do. they randomly kick you out.

  7. Should have raised his bet on the flop, not sure why you didn’t. I guess I’m used to cash vs tournaments but I would have raised for sure.

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