Top 10 Gambling Myths in Casinos

Top 10 Gambling Myths in Casinos

When done right, counting cards is much more of an investment then a gamble because card counting is a repeatable, predictable system based on math and logic. And I know EVERYONE in a casino believes they have a “system.” But unless it’s based on math and logic, it’s actually a myth. So to separate fact from fiction Colin, David, and Dusty wanted to share 10 of the top gambling myths with you.

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Top 10 Gambling Myths in Casinos

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Gambling Myths in Casinos

  1. Ask yourself this. If the casinos knew what you were doing – order of the cards etc. – why wouldn't they throw you out??

  2. was practicing last night and was winning (just perfecting basic strategy so i expected to go home a loser) and i was dealt an A7 while the dealer was dealt a 2. i was really proud that i quickly new that this was a double down scenario. And as i went to double down a man playing across from me got upset. He said "you have a strong hand, your gonna give the dealer good cards because your being greedy" i disagreed with him by saying simply no this is what im supposed to do. and he goes on "thats what your supposed to do for yourself, this is a team game we are all against the dealer". in my head im like this guy is a complete moron. But this is what really pissed me off, he said "you gotta play the book, do you even know how the book says to play at a 5 player table" Okay… so lets just say ive been working my ass off to get perfect. and i have spent the last 2 weeks engraving the book into my mind body and soul…. and right when i make a good play on the book. some guy is gonna pull some bullshit about the book out of his ass as if he is some professional sitting at the 15 min bet table. I had to walk away and grab a drink.

  3. Its not that what these guys are saying is wrong necessarily, but it comes across as smug and condescending the way they say it.

  4. I was a dealer for 15 years and I have seen many people count cards and lose their money. They go up on their bet when there are bunch of tens and aces left and they still lost time after time. The ones that do win with a high count are just very lucky and they think they are pros just like this guy on this video. I'm a card counter myself and we would people count because most of them still lost lol

  5. Why do you say a betting system can’t work?
    Let’s say I play a system where I cycle thru bets of 1, 3, 7, 5, then back to 1 etc.

    Along side that, I count cards.

    On the step in the cycle where I would have bet 1 unit, but the count is +, I increase that step to 2, or 3 or whatever makes sense to the count. On the step where 3 is my normal bet, again I raise it up based on the count, 6, 9, etc.

    The idea is I play as if I’m 4 different players, with base levels of 1 chip, 3 chips, 7 chips, 5 chips. And in each hand I raise the base up based on the count.

    In the long run, all of my hands at 1 chip base should be profitable, same for the 3 chip base, 7, and 5.

    What the betting cycle is doing is camouflaging my straight forward raise s based on the count.

  6. what about hi lo pick up, or the 9,10,j,q,k step up? if you can recognize these card sequences, i would say, it definitely behooves you to walk away from the table in these situations. terrible blackjack players create a hi lo pickup situation for themselves by not hitting on 14s, 15s or 16s, which inherently creates a hi card lo card situation that does preserve itself through a weak (hand) shuffle. i see this a lot on six deck.

  7. Number of people on the table does affect EV if you play 2 hands when True count is high

  8. Also I'll sound like a total noob, but does cutting the deck make a major impact. And when cutting the deck what is the best play?

  9. I've got basic strategie down to about 90% I'd say. I know virtually no card counting. But another subject id like to bring up that I attempt doing at the table is paying attention to how many aces have been dealt VS how much deck percentage had been dealt out. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe theres 24 aces in a 6 deck blackjack shoe. If i see 18 aces dealt and theres still 60-70 percent of the shoe left. Is that a good time to walk away?

  10. I think besides card counting – someone who is realy good at dice control is the only thing that gives an edge

  11. Hey is there a video based off of how much u should be increasing your bet (in percentages) per count?

  12. Hey guys so what do you do on losing blackjack with a positive count I would really appreciate a response cuz please 😥🙏

  13. Casinos dont need to cheat you. If they think you're winning too much they can just 86 you

  14. Great video! I already knew about those myths but I really liked how you explained why they're false.

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