Guest Dankness aka Will Jaffe (PLO Regular) || Poker Life Podcast

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Guest Dankness aka Will Jaffe (PLO Regular) || Poker Life Podcast

6 thoughts on “Guest Dankness aka Will Jaffe (PLO Regular) || Poker Life Podcast”

  1. Awesome podcast guest! More rants & stories 😉

    2:48 Will and Joey talking about options to play poker

    9:42 Content on programs ruining the game?

    14:00 Poker eco system

    17:35 Anonymous poker

    19:48 Back to onlinepoker and game selection

    23:12 Difference between a pro and an aspiring player

    27:48 Joey about poker enjoyment and making money

    31:45 Poker in the old days

    37:05 Poker opportunities for US players

    40:43 Will Jaffe about poker personalities

    44:52 Meditation in poker

    49:48 Consequences of social media consumption

    52:54 Highstakes poker and the evolution of poker content

    58:25 Poker play style old days vs now

    1:01:28 Poker entertaining personalities (Kabhrel, Polk, Neeme)

    1:06:31 Is Doug Polk like Trump?

    1:15:24 EPIC Feder Holz rants

    1:21:15 The art of complaining (Lex, Jeff Gross)

    1:23:07 Daniel Negreanu impression

    1:26:00 Jeff Gross impression

    1:29:01 Phil Hellmuth short impression

    1:33:02 Roulette stories

    1:36:16 Worst degen stories

    1:41:21 25k Pokerstars championship

    1:44:07 PLO with Chris Kruk

    1:46:14 PLO highstakes events with Leon, crocodile

  2. This guy is really smart. Great intake on high stake poker shows nowdays Vs. before and exploitation Vs. avoiding been exploded

  3. You don't need a solver. If they speak English and are successful at The Great Game, have them on to scoop the pot.

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