Guest Marle (Poker VLOGGer) || Poker Life Podcast

Marle is a new poker VLOGGER who has been taking the content world in poker by storm w/ her very sarcastic style. You can find her channel here:

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Guest Marle (Poker VLOGGer)  || Poker Life Podcast

16 thoughts on “Guest Marle (Poker VLOGGer) || Poker Life Podcast”

  1. I take offence to this because I’m too ugly to offer sex for a stake 🙁

    This girl is very level headed, and I’ll say what she was to nice to say; Bonomo is a little bitch.

  2. Definitely could listen to her for 8 min but not this.. honestly after 12 min I was out ..this is beyond low levels.. love you pod cast though J, hopefully you can have some topic with ex online pros where r they now etc..

  3. Everything Marle is doing is very funny and that plus being attractive is the reason her vlogs are going viral. And people need to remember she is playing characters in her comedy and shouldn't take her characters to be her, who is a human being that is entertaining us and deserves to be treated with respect and not as a sex object, or a potential or imaginary girlfriend, because she's not. She's really creative and funny in her commentating and her videos, so lets all just accept her in the poker community and let her be her.

  4. the problem is that most people are f*cking retarded and completely lack sense of humor and sarcasm and can't wait to get attached to every little bullshit in order to attract attention to themselves and give some rhetorical morality lesson.

  5. In the world of social media, it is impossible to say almost anything, either through comedy or just expressing an opinion or thought without offending someone. In a way I find it sad that Marle has to even offer a defence, she has done nothing wrong. There will always be a minority of people who just don't like you or use your content to express their deep seated prejudices or views.

    That being said, this was a great interview Joey and it was nice to listen to Marle talk a bit more in depth.

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