How many HATERS do I have in poker? – Vlog 8

Man! People have been talking about how I built my bankroll! I guess the word’s out on the vlog and there are many opinions about it. Watch more to see Kelly Minkin’s interview with Joey Ingram, Justin Bonomo’s reaction to my previous vlog, and why people think I’m bad for poker.

There’s also a lot of love being shown to me from all over and I can’t believe how quickly it’s happened. Thank you for the support 🙂


MUSIC: DJ QUADS (Um, his name is actually DJ Quads. That’s the only reason why I chose it.)

I’m going to be on Joey Ingram’s podcast POKER LIFE, THURSDAY NOV 8th, WATCH HERE:

Special thanks to him for supporting and promoting my videos, and having me on.

How many HATERS do I have in poker? - Vlog 8

17 thoughts on “How many HATERS do I have in poker? – Vlog 8”

  1. lol Justin bonomo is such a girl. I loved watching him bust out of the pokerstars Bahamas tourney to the guy he was whining to the floor about. It was great. He thinks he's better than he is so him saying something about you shouldn't be anything to worry about. You're funny and that video was a joke. Comedians deal with backlash all the time too it's just a part of being humorous

  2. Listen, you're one of the few capable and talented females pros. Very very few. PAINFULLY fucking few. Do you REALLY think Maria Ho grinded her way to the top and sponsorship? Like it's got nothing to do with her looks? Like zero? Come on. You're smart enough to know the truth. Now grow some balls and respond to this here.

  3. how the fuck is she looking hotter and hotter with every video? isn't there some kind of a ceiling on this? god damn

  4. Was that the same Bonomo that cheated online & got caught? Oh, yeah, I thought so. Marle, in just 8 episodes you have captured my attention & plenty more, be proud, continue being you & have fun with it all. I look forward to where you take this & totally appreciate what you're doing. Keep on keeping on!!

  5. People are so stupid that they don’t get your humor. Joey is a douche but he’s cool at the same time.

  6. marle.. the competitive nature gets views plain and simple.. But I love your Vlogs though…Keep being real!!!

  7. This video does not count as vlog 8!!!!! Come on Marle, bring the world a real Marle vlog number 8. With poker, sarcasm, good jokes, bad jokes and some reflections on the game and life in general. Let go of the distractions and stay close to who you are!

  8. Such a shame that after 6 vlogs you are defending your content and now over analysing your critics. I linked to your vlog via Mr Neeme and loved the refreshing humorous video. Please stick to your guns and give us more of your alternative vlogs. I only watch Andrew Neeme and your poker vlogs because to be honest the rest bore me to death.

  9. 'Poker' or what these so called 'poker personalities' talk about as 'poker' these days is so damn trivial . The trivial back and forth of the lives of people no-one cares about. Just live your life. Noone cares

  10. we all know joey is a shit stirrer, he loves the drama. the great game is very dramatic as well which is why he loves it so much

  11. Wait, the vlog about how you were getting money to play poker was satire? Sonuvabitvh…….another dream crushed.

  12. Marle, oh no… you went full-anime.

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