How To Win Poker Tournaments

How To Win Poker Tournaments

Today I’m joined by Nick Petrangelo, the lead instructor for our latest course at Upswing Poker: Winning Poker Tournaments. In this video, we’re reviewing some key hands from his recent MTT victory in a ,000 buy-in WCOOP event.

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How To Win Poker Tournaments

16 thoughts on “How To Win Poker Tournaments”

  1. Just been in a pot went all in pre under the gun. Hijacked called with j9 off. Me, AA. LOST!.. how do you counteract with this?.

  2. Negreanu is paying to advertise to your viewers now? I haven't watched in a couple months but I never thought it would come to this!

    Oh the comedic relief

  3. Going back for day 2 of my latest live MTT tomorrow, if I take it down I will gladly invest in the course. If not probably won’t be able to afford it!

  4. for the first hand I think the hand doesnt make any sense I terms of ranges, he litterally has 0 value combos exept some combos of Kk and AA that chose To slowplay preflop

  5. Yea, but how do play tournaments against f-in morons?? The ones who don't think about range theory, and luckbag the crap out of you… I don't tend to lose to intelligent payers, I lose to the idiots…

  6. Hey Doug i have a questio, it seems like Nick is saying that he calls hands like AA and KK and don't jam them preflop to protect his calling range (for instance in the KJs hand and the AQo hand), is that accurate? Doest it make sense not to jam those hands along with some bluffs? Seems like a miss of EV to me but i'm really curious about this.

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