Kevin Hart Tries to OUTPLAY Me. (Poker Hand Analysis)

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Kevin Hart Tries to OUTPLAY Me. (Poker Hand Analysis)

20 thoughts on “Kevin Hart Tries to OUTPLAY Me. (Poker Hand Analysis)”

  1. I am a microplayer (can't afford to play higher stakes) and once railed the highest buy-in plo cash game in my online card room, i chatted with the players a bit ,turns out 3 out of 4 of the players play an exploitative strategy, that and your videos have made me think that perhaps to make it at those stakes playing many hands and adjusting your game is the way to go as opposed to gto to maybe one day play those stakes 🙂 .

  2. What is your opinion on smoking weed and playing? I find that it doesn't worsen my decision making unless I have too many hits too fast which does affect my focus, but are small amounts in your experience 'good' for your game?

  3. Super WP for not mentioning the stapes insults at all. That guy thinks he is better at analysis than he is. Not to brown nose you or insult him, but there's a reason you're in that NL$10,000 game and he is commentating.

  4. Why do you say faraz getting out of way is completely standard? What if he has live reads on both you and Kevin and can play the river perfectly? Standard to me means "theoretically sound". What does "standard" mean to you? Genuine question.

  5. You never gunna mention the amount of ‘live tells’ you pick up and are completely wrong? Be interesting to see how many people listen to your advice and quickly realise that these apparent tells will potentially lose you a lot of money

  6. Fuck I saw this show n forgot this. I just remembered you as reload charlie. Kevin. Was awesome. GTO only make sense when all the right variables come together if that makes sense

  7. Hey man, i really like your approach to the game and i wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Im strugglin with kind of a live poker problem that is spreading all over the world… the "regs" that doesnt talk on the table, the regs that wear headphones all day, should i go on? I think you know what im talking about.

    How would you tell them to be more social? To sacrifice a little ev being at least a bit looser just to keep the spark alive of the game so the rec doesnt get bored or anoyed (idk if that is really true because maybe we win that ev back when they call us more often with worse hands when we vbet because we are not a bot on the felt)..

    idk man i just do that kind of stuff and i have more fun, i just dont do it "so the fish doesnt go away" is a win/win for both sides i think

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