Live Blackjack Stream from DTLV!! October 19 2018


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Live Blackjack Stream from DTLV!! October 19  2018

15 thoughts on “Live Blackjack Stream from DTLV!! October 19 2018”

  1. I didn’t realize how many blackjack experts we have out there! Glad you’re having fun play However you want 🙂 your up after 40 mins so doing something right!

  2. Oh Dang. I just have my internet back, after more than a month!!!!!

    Looking forward to your other livestream

  3. Your hand very good you should increase bet when you win if was some one who had played your hand won a lot of money very fast and left

  4. Fun time watching blackjack – every casino visit i always say I’m going to play and the slots ALWAYS suck me in lol – have a nice weekend ❤️❤️❤️

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