Live Roulette!! Nov 16 2018


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Live Roulette!! Nov 16 2018

24,776 thoughts on “Live Roulette!! Nov 16 2018”

  1. worst odds in the entire casino, but easily one of the funnest games. some MGM casinos are now adding THIRD green…and people STILL play.

  2. Roulette is tough to hit just doing single numbers .. i thought you could place chips on the lines that border each number

  3. Please do a video testing the martingale stategy on a roulette table 😀😀 I live in Vegas & do this method for a living.

  4. Yo, just seeing your channel for first time, but next time you play roulette you should just choose like 3 or so numbers you play every spin then you should look for a stretch of numbers that are all next to each other on the wheel not the board, then on some spins I'll choose a random number or two if I have a hunch. Try it for real, I've walked out up about 75% of the times I've played the last 2 years. I'm up few thousand profit. Yes lot of it's luck but seems to be a pretty good strategy for me.

  5. I love roulette. Sorry ur numbers didn't hit. Always bet green 0,00 tho cuz their only two numbers. You shluldve got dollar chips

  6. Your a good sport SlotLady Sarah. I'm sure you may get something for your loss,Right? I can't chat because I don't have internet for my P.C. Laptop. Just cellphone only! Congratulations again Sarah. Next Video Sarah! ☺😎❤🌹🌈

  7. I always put my chips on one quarter of the board usually hits better for me than picking numbers across the board

  8. Yeah it’s rough on that table playing only a few numbers at a time. Minimum was only 5$, maybe play dollars instead of nickels and flower numbers. You’ll last a lot longer. Hopefully you make another video and get that 500$ back but Nice video tho! I’ve made 500$ disappear a few time just betting on black it red and that’s one spin lol! 😂😂😂 I’m a real degenerate lol ! Will they let you play craps? That would be fun! Thanks for the video !

  9. Its been a while since I caught a live broadcast as Im in the UK. But hope to catch your Sunday Slot chat

  10. I rarely play it and picking numbers is not my thing on it. Maybe try and end bets and side bets. That's what I do. Play rows and columns like you were. Sooner or later you are bound to win 😊😊

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