Louis Theroux plays Baccarat – Gambling in Las Vegas – BBC

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Louis plays a James Bond style game of Baccarat at the Hilton casino and reaps his winnings. Great video from BBC show Louis Theroux – Gambling.

Louis Theroux plays Baccarat - Gambling in Las Vegas - BBC

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  2. I've been to casinos hundreds of times and I win most of the time. I'm a lifetime winner by quite a large margin, so I don't understand this nonsense about the house always winning eventually

  3. 1. The money was not from your TV license, it was Louis' own money
    2. It's not Louis advocating gambling, the rest of the documentary is skeptical and shows the negative impact of it on other characters. This is one of two parts where Louis actually experiences it for himself to understand what it's like.

  4. lol I'm a Baccarat dealer and a $4,590 win is…nothing. I don't even deal in a high stakes casino (I deal at a tribal casino where maximum bet is $500 with the ability to bet 9 spots so ultimate maximum wages is $4,500). One time, I dealt two 30 to 1 dragon bonuses back to back and paid out $12,000 in just the bonuses in a matter of 5 minutes. I guesstimate that during that hour long push, I paid one player $15,000 and another $10,000. And mind you this is a small stakes casino. If I had done the equivalent in a high stakes room in Vegas, I would had paid over a million in that hour push.

  5. Wow he is being really annoying here.. but you can tell he likes it. To me as an American he strikes me as one of those very classic English archetypes compared to the casino people.

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