ME PIERDO EN EL CASINO😂 | Sonic Heroes (Team Chaotix) Parte 2 – Español

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ME PIERDO EN EL CASINO😂 | Sonic Heroes (Team Chaotix) Parte 2 - Español

I promote educational and responsibly fun gambling as I travel the globe teaching you about slot machines and casinos. Watch me as I play slots between and 0 a spin

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Videos are Edited by Brian Christopher and John Roberts.

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39 thoughts on “ME PIERDO EN EL CASINO😂 | Sonic Heroes (Team Chaotix) Parte 2 – Español”

  1. La mision secundaria de BINGO Highway es mucho peor ya q te pide 20 fichas y que en realidad son todas las q estan en esa fase, a mi me llevo como 20 minutos de nivel, literalmente

  2. "Where there's light, there's shadow" aka "No es oro todo lo que reluce". Maravillosa traducción

  3. Hey hey hey k pasa votiziervos :v

    Dises lo mismo 1937293629462842964826483633926393637 vezes :v

  4. Vaya esta parte de Bingo Highway Zone, ha sido de dolor, llanto y sufrimiento combinado.

    PD: Algo que se me hace curioso es que el Vector Clasico era mas flaco y escuchaba musica con un reproductor de caset.

  5. Sergui en la mision de ring vos tenes que tambien tocar las tres estrellas de ese lanzador largopara que te de 10 o 5 rings

  6. hey sergi podrias haser un video de team chaotix con la llave?, esque quiero ver la fase especial de sonic heroes

  7. And we have another casino called Blue Chip Casino about 15 miles from new buffalo, But it’s in Indiana not Michigan so get your butt back out here. PS I would like a personal invitation please thanks Jennifer

  8. I looked everywhere for you at the four winds casino never found you so now you have to come back 🤷🏻‍♀️just saying.

  9. Brian… Me and my fiance love you. It's a shame we couldn't join you at 4winds, but that's what happens when you work in the casino industry. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself enough to come back soon

  10. It's nice to see all your fans coming to the casinos just to meet you. I wish I could of made it to Four Winds too. Midwest West is the Best!

  11. I missed the live stream but just finished watching the video. I like the selection of games you picked. Loved the shot you took with BK. 😂

  12. Notice that you have started letting the wins count up instead of hitting the button. New superstition? Many people think that the machine offers better wins if you wait. If the outcomes are random, does it really matter when you start to play again? Just a note as i have been noticing you doing this more often.

  13. Love watching you Brian your lots of fun to watch.i live in Virginia but from Michigan so how cool to see.Happy birthday! My brothers birthday is the 23!

  14. Hi Brian, greeting from Singapore. Watching your video and chilling. Your video all ways keep me entertained..Thank You!, Helen


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