NBA Picks Today NHL Picks Today 12-7-18 Expert Betting Predictions

NBA Picks Today NHL Picks Today 12-7-18 Expert Betting Predictions
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NBA Picks Today NHL Picks Today 12-7-18 Expert Betting Predictions

John Duggan, Phil Egan and Leon Blanche look ahead to the betting markets for this weekend’s Premier League.

1:00 – 9:00 – This week’s offers and last week’s bets
9:00 – 14:40 – Man City vs Chelsea Preview
14:40 – 18:30 – Liverpool vs Bournemouth
18:30 – 21:55 – Man United vs Fulham
21:55 – 28:05 – Premier League round-up
28:05 – 32:00 – This week’s bets.

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  1. So one of the issues of posting so early is that the lines change. At the time of this video was made the line in for philly was -3.5 now its +1.5…its obviously still a play

  2. I went with jets on puck Line and wild, stars, ducks moneyline. Over 6 in the jets game and under 5.5 in ducks game. Sorry Jared, guess I will never learn but got to go with wild from what I see. I watched the wild last night and they created several high quality scoring chances but Smith the flames goalie was standing on his head and made some incredible saves. Most goalies would have given up 5 or more with those chances. Dubs is over his cold and battling to retain his regular starting spot. Wild 4-1 on b2b this year. Wild 14-2 in last 16 at Edmonton. Got to go with them but good luck jared we will see if system does it tonight.

  3. Followed. Let’s bounce back today! Lucky my own picks were +6 yesterday with one push. Ty for the picks! Today I have 3 plays soccer West Brom ml, 2 nhl totals over on San Jose sharks game 5.5 and under Anaheim ducks game 5.5.

  4. Really don't think it's right to promote the disease that is gambling. They never mention the losers

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