17 thoughts on “People rush out to buy lottery tickets for the now-$1.6 billion jackpot”

  1. If I win 1.6 billions dollars I don't know where to start honestly, the money is way to much for me. 60 million dollars that is just a enough  for me seriously!!


  3. If I won $3 billion dollars 💵 what I would do is give the to Phil the advise show and tell him to go Baton Rouge and use the money to gather thousands of African American community to create a powerful boycott to get justice for Alton sterling, Eric garner and philando Castile. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  4. Top Line: $1,600,000,000

    Stealth Tax: $695,100,000 (43.4437%)

    Cash Value: $904,900,000

    Federal Tax: $334,813,000 (37%)

    State Tax: $41,896,870.00 (4.63% Co)

    Take Home Total: $528,190,130 <doesn’t include legal fees)  

    $105,638,026 will go towards: Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds.

    $105,638,026 will go towards: Corporate Bonds and Notes.

    $105,638,026 will go towards: Hybrid Securities.

    $105,638,026 will go towards: TBD  

    $105,638,026 will go towards: TBD

  5. You guys, you all already won the lottery because you are alive, I had to beat 100,000,000 other sperm.
    Would you sell your arms for a billion dollars?
    Just enjoy life living in a wealthy country.
    In truth this money should all go to Yemen or saving the environment…

  6. I don't get how this guy tells us that he learned that there are tickets already sold that are worth 1 million dollars if the numbers are randomly selected, did i miss something?

  7. Ok when the time comes I don't want to hear nothin about a recession or a market crash it will be a lie from the pit

  8. This is going to be that only for the one player is going to win the rest of them going to lose that's the problem right there if any one of you that you're going to take a risk of play Mega Powerball that's your choice because only one person can win not all of it can win this game so sorry for them and so it for you and so is for me because no one's here is a winner it cannot just be together winter you know it's just have to be one person but it's going to be a risky if you want to take that risk that's your choice anyway especially that

    Elizabeth warning for you that if you do with whoever you are you're not going to be responsible to you got to be selfish sweetie and not respect of your friends or your family especially that your family is going to be with you it is your house your belongings and your toys especially that your money too so for all of you that if you want to play this game that's your choice and good luck for all of you

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