Phil Galfond || Poker Life Podcast

Phil Galfond || Poker Life Podcast

Talking Super High Roller Bowl w/ Phil Galfond

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Phil Galfond || Poker Life Podcast

12 thoughts on “Phil Galfond || Poker Life Podcast”

  1. Too much free content on youtube and twitch why would I pay for Go had it but waste unless its wsop or SHH,,,,,,………… ALSO think its gross to charge rake for any tourney on TV !

  2. People promote themselves these days online. Every single sponsored player should allow pokergo to do backstories on them. It promotes the brand they are sponsored by after all.

  3. I think phil said it.. would be nice to see as small as where the poker player is from and grow up even what high school or collage they went to.. they do sometimes but not as much as should. it helps people get involved to route for there local players.. like i was so much more involved in wsop main event because last few years alot of players from nj were at final table…
    Michael ruane,scott blumstien, buckley, tom canoli.. liked following it so much more routing for people from your area…should do for cash game players..

  4. Papi! Great point about not knowing much about these players. If we want poker to grow, they need to start humanizing these players…

    Keep it up Joey

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