Playing Poker in the Playboy Club

It’s been a busy week. I spent four days in LA at different charity events, commentating on Live at the Bike, and played 5/10 in a private game at something called, The Playboy Club.

Oh yeah, and started doing stand up again.

A lot has happened.

I also think a lot about my next step as a YouTube poker vlogger. WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT? Can I get a sponsorship from my favorite place on Earth???



Playing Poker in the Playboy Club

15 thoughts on “Playing Poker in the Playboy Club”

  1. Justin Bonomo disliked this video. When you win every high roller poker tournament going and everyone still thinks you’re a boring twunt it’s easy to get salty and moan about other people’s jokes.


  2. We've seen all this shit on LATB already..c'mon man..we know Francisco is a donkey. U act like this is a new thing.

  3. Your shtick is boring. We don't want to see a beggar go from lame event to lame event. Female 'comedians' making 'jokes' about sex is pathetic. You should get redpilled on the JQ. Go full 1488. Then you can be the woke comic poker chick who bullies normie NPCs. That would be worth watching.

  4. You should change the title of your vlogs to My Weekly Diary. You can then record everything happens in your daily routine for that week, and I am sure there're still guys interested in watching you. But, putting out a 11.5 minutes video titled Poker in the Playboy Club, then have only 20 secs talking about the chef and food/drinks at that place is really misleading, that's zero poker. I guess am still longing for video that's more focused on promoting poker in women. I am sure that will come, someday.

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