Poker 2018 – WSOPE 2018 | 100k Super HighRoller Final Table – Part 1

Final Table WSOPE 100k Super HighRoller

1st. €2,624,340
2nd. €1,621,960
3rd. €1,116,308
4th. €789,612
5th. €574,466
6th. €430,218
7th. €331,943
8th. €264,110
9th. €216,908

Poker 2018 - WSOPE 2018 | 100k Super HighRoller Final Table - Part 1

A look into the life of Online Poker professional Jaime Staples.

Jaime Staples is a professional poker player sponsored by PokerStars. Jaime vlogs his everyday life with help from Australian Brandon. Join Jaime on the #ultimatesweat and watch him and his brother Matt work towards becoming 0,000 richer!

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17 thoughts on “Poker 2018 – WSOPE 2018 | 100k Super HighRoller Final Table – Part 1”

  1. dude. this might be my favorite video you've ever put out. More stuff like this please. Not that the other stuff isn't good, but this is on another level. Keep climbing bud!

  2. You stream poker & got sponsorships for a living. If you was supposed to only live of the poker results u prob wouldnt be able to do it fulltime, be honest..

  3. What a video! Would love to see more on that pre game, initial setup and what you do. Feels cool to get behind the scenes. Another solid Vlog Brandon and Jaime!

  4. I don't know much about online poker and this really helped me understand a bit about the professional side of what you do . Great video! Really informative!

  5. Very well put together video Jamie. Would love to see a video about your set up (monitors webcam mics etc.) just what you use on your daily grind. All the best.

  6. From Morocco
    You are such inspiration i watch u since i used to play online but i quit cz there many stress in my life and there also good things happend to me latley
    I really wish u the best man
    I seen ur last video
    But stay strong man
    I work for 3$ day sometimes 5$a day
    That sucks man always when u feel bad nd weak remember there more suffer in other 3rd world countries
    Keep up man

  7. You forgot the corrupt RNG. And the collusion. And the rake, don't forget the rake. This comment is not sponsored by Amaya Gaming or its affiliates.

  8. really good video, very well put together. I wish you'd added in about buying art after a big score as a trophy/reminder of that particular win. I think its a really nice way to celebrate a victory

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