Poker Breakdown: Is She Crazy for Calling With Queen High Here?

Maria Lampropolous makes an ambitious call with 5 left in the PCA. Is she thinking correctly or just giving it away? Grant and Jonathan break it down.

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Poker Breakdown: Is She Crazy for Calling With Queen High Here?

11 thoughts on “Poker Breakdown: Is She Crazy for Calling With Queen High Here?”

  1. he bluffed the turn in same situation with a gutshot in another hand with her, so you can't say he isn't capable……….the one argument against the call is how well the board is for the big blind

  2. Heya, in regards to Nitrogen, which one is your tournament? There are dozens listed and I don't see a single one for .1 mBtc

  3. I think he could definitely be bluffing here. However I think it's a fold because with queen high I just don't think she's beating enough of his bluffs. I really don't like the check call on the turn because at that point your plan is almost always to check call the river and with queen high it just seems too thin. If you bet flop then I think you need to barrel on turns like this or just fold. If she had ace high then I like the check call a lot more but even then he could have many middling pocket pairs which beat her. This is especially true when you realize she isn't blocking any of them. This is why I asked for your breakdown of the hand. Thanks for the response! I learned a ton! 😊

  4. Calling on the turn OOP seems really bad to me. How does she know he doesn't have something like A3 or A5? River could go check/check and she still loses.

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