AOA 258 | Kristy Arnett | Pro Poker Player and Risk Coach

AOA 258 | Kristy Arnett | Pro Poker Player and Risk Coach

Today’s guest on the Art of Adventure is professional poker player and risk and relationship coach, Kristy Arnett. Kristy also hosts Risk Everyday, a self improvement podcast. She also has a vlog about poker on YouTube.

In this episode, Kristy shows us how risk plays as a key component in adventure. She shares how she takes the risks she learned through poker and applies it in broadly in the aspects of her life, relationships, and business.

You’ll love how Kristy framed how the worst result as a reasonable risk for a chance at the best result. She mentions in this conversation the importance of joy in risk-taking. Listen as you will also get to discover Kristy’s secret as a show host, as to why she is so good in coming up with great questions and in getting the right responses from the people she interviews.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

How Kristy thinks about risks How you can think about risk in different ways How you can think about the outcomes in the way you approach risk How risk helps you become the person you want to be How good a listener Kristy is


“We are whatever it is that we really need to be in whatever action we are about to take.” – Kristy Arnett

“Our biggest pains and when we are really facing it, is when we can have the opportunity where we can really learn the most.” – Kristy Arnett

“There’s no real beautifully crafted questions, I just want to get in there with people and pull out what I’m really hearing.” – Kristy Arnett

“When you face something that is hard… it is the opportunity to look at what’s driving it. What are you afraid this means about who you are?” – Kristy Arnett

“It’s really easy to be the best person when things are going great. But true character, leadership is… what you get to face and how you get to face it.”

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AOA 258 | Kristy Arnett | Pro Poker Player and Risk Coach