CRAZIEST Poker Hand Ever??? ♠ Live at the Bike!

CRAZIEST Poker Hand Ever??? ♠ Live at the Bike!

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In this video:
0/0/0 + 0 Big Blind Ante No Limit Hold’em – February 28, 2019
Commentators: Joey Ingram, Christian Soto, David Paredes

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Live at the Bike! is the first and only regularly scheduled weekly webshow to feature a live poker cash game. Real people, playing real poker… uncut, unscripted, unedited, with expert commentary from top grossing poker pros who make their living playing the same games we feature on their own bankrolls.
CRAZIEST Poker Hand Ever??? ♠ Live at the Bike!

15 thoughts on “CRAZIEST Poker Hand Ever??? ♠ Live at the Bike!

  1. Check out our previous video in which Oscar triple straddles to $3,200 preflop and ends up in a $256,700 pot vs Dan Smith:

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Once you take into account that these guys are very familiar with each other's play styles, this bet line – while creative – isn't totally out of the ordinary for their play environment.

  3. gotta love that results oriented thinking here.. what if the river aint a queen.. still a brilliant line? …lolzzzz

  4. Oscar is a Chinese tuhao spending money on the table that’s it. If he didn’t believe you had K so he would call to the end and the money on table was too small for him to worry about. That’s why he played like that rather than some GTO

  5. I personally would not ever do a play close to Dennis, but he has the nut low, he HAS to go for the bomb-raise. That's the way balancing works. Now what complicates things here is the fact that Oscar obviously is bet-inducing so the balancing BS can be thrown out of the window here.

    Sick stream boys. LATB is the nuts recently!

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