I Learned How to CHEAT at POKER!!

I Learned How to CHEAT at POKER!!

Today, I’m going to try and learn to cheat at a game of hold’em. I’ll be studying and reading The Expert At The Card Table in an attempt to familiarize myself with these gambling techniques.

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I Learned How to CHEAT at POKER!!

20 thoughts on “I Learned How to CHEAT at POKER!!

  1. every time I do the trick, the second card is always one card later than it should be, so it is the first card of the flop, can anyone help?

  2. As a poker player I don't approve of this video. However I appreciate your not responsible for anyone's action and all info should be shared. However I know this set a spark in some minds that might manifest lol

  3. Hahaha, except, in all texas holdem game's at non casino events, the person to the right of the dealer cuts the deck again.



  4. Wouldn’t the hard part be getting the Kings or whatever cards you’d want at the top of the deck? You can’t exactly just sort through the deck while everyone’s watching and put two cards at the top.

  5. An important point to realize in the Erdnase stock shuffles is that the final "run the number of players" can be interpreted as running one card for each position. For example, if instead of running the number of players "5," you had run only one, the player to the dealer's left would receive the winning hand. Two cards would be position two etc. This makes it possible to set the deck to deliver a win on any position and hand the deck to someone else to deal, still winding up with the winning hand yourself.

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