Poker Strategy: 3 Betting Suited Connector Makes a Straight

Poker Strategy: 3 Betting Suited Connector Makes a Straight

Check out this hand where lead instructor and owner of Crush Live Poker, Bart Hanson, 3 bets 8c 6c and rivers a straight. However he is put in a tough decision as the flush also comes in on the river and he is faced with an all-in.

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Poker Strategy: 3 Betting Suited Connector Makes a Straight

11 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: 3 Betting Suited Connector Makes a Straight

  1. I don’t agree on one thing only. You say that you mist defend with more or less 50% of your range on the river in order to make his bluffs indifferent, but technically that’s not exactly true, because he is turning a MADE hand into a bluff. In other words he his turning a hand with some SDV, so in order to make him indifferent to bluff with such a hand (or such hands) you must call with LESS than 50% of your range. It would be exactly 50% if he were to bluff with 0 equity hands ONLY. However, at the end of the day it doesn’t really change much because you still have a hand too strong to fold, probably in the top 20-25% of your range.
    Also, I don’t like his bluff too much, because he is turning into a bluff a hand with too much equity/SDV, as he is not only beating your bluffs, but possibly some of your thin value double barrels (like AJ-AT). Given the size you used on the turn you have those hands for sure, so I could see him turning his hand into a bluff vs a third barrell (as in that case you are almost for sure betting for value a stronger hand than AQ). But he probably though that you were not enough deep for him to x/shove profitably with enough FE.
    However, thanks for another amazing video 💪🏽

  2. was tony betting for value or as a bluff ? seems like it was a bluff w/ the nut blocker but it is so confusing bc what better hands does he get to fold besides AK? makes no sense

  3. Hi Bart, I watch Johnny Vibes (most honest LIKE YOU).
    Then I narrow my range –
    Jaman- Best overall Vlog with music details with hands etc
    – Andrew
    – Brad
    – Johnny Vibes (very honest guy). I love the fact that he shares the truth with poker

    Coming to you
    – Love ya brother!!
    Share your losses/wins/ups/downs etc
    You will increase your audience

    Trust me I’m a true Chamaeleon!

    Love you a lot more than you know….
    Because you are doing your best to educate.
    As a semi-pro it’s refreshing to hear what I know but have taken for granted.

    All in all,,,,
    More people should be listening to you.


    – John Satre

  4. Quite frankly I would have likely exploitatively folded this spot since as you yourself have said, Players underbluff when they have top pair, ESPECIALLY with that strong of a kicker. In fact, I'd argue his hand is TOO strong to turn into a bluff given that he has one of the best kickers he can have, and you have AQ and AJ in your range. I guess he's trying to fold you specifically off of AQ and AK. I'd like his bluff more if he had AJ rather than AQ. I think your logic that aces is more of a fold than 86 here is faulty because that would mean you're assuming that there's AxXd hands that you'd think he'd bluff here. But I don't think he'd turn AxJd here into a bluff or AxQd into a bluff because those hands unblock you having the AD, which weights you towards a lot of flushes on the river that you can't fold, especially if you're 3betting A2-A5dd, and AxQd has plenty of showdown value (though clearly he doesn't seem to think so in this hand). I think a set of aces is almost the same as 86cc in this spot, under the assumption that he does not bluff shove here without the ace of diamonds. It's pretty close.

  5. I love your play here but what happens on the river if you don't hit the straight is what I'm more interesting in learning. That call was easy. Do you have a hand where you miss or someone misses then the villain checks like he did on the flop and turn? Now you're forced to fire off the 3 barrel bet in an attempt him to fold his pair of Aces. Do you go 2/3 pot for what looks like Value? That is what I'd like to have seen happen. You bluff him off the Aces but I'm glad you won the pot. Your call is standard play, otherwise you're way too exploitable.

  6. One of your best videos imho

    your ability to explain complicated poker concepts is greatly appreciated!

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