The MISTAKE nearly all poker players make | Poker Vlog 34

The MISTAKE nearly all poker players make | Poker Vlog 34

There is one mistake that almost all poker players make, and I know, because I used to make it. However in vlog 34, I was rewarded for NOT making it.




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If you haven’t watched my debut vlog:

The MISTAKE nearly all poker players make | Poker Vlog 34

20 thoughts on “The MISTAKE nearly all poker players make | Poker Vlog 34

  1. What’s with poker vloggers and Tesla’s?? Lol. Even if I wanted one I can’t in my area. They are pretty friggin cool!

  2. Best player leak I’ve ever seen in a game. Had a guy in an old home game that would mutter his whole cards to himself every now and then. Yes, he would look at his cards and say what he has. No inner monologue. 😂

  3. What’s the logo on your jacket? It looks familiar I’ve seen it before just curious who it’s from. Glad you had some run good 😉

  4. Whether he hits the 2 outer or not , you make money if you have 80% equity. Period. Poker is more than one hand.

  5. I was in a satellite tournament a couple weeks back with 12 minute blind levels. I understand it's a fast tournament and people want to move along, but some lady literally called the clock on me after 20 seconds… no joke, 20 seconds. I'm normally very fast to act, and 30 seconds is about the longest time I'll spend thinking. I was pretty fucking annoyed. I can see calling after a minute with blind levels like that, but that time call was excessive I think.

  6. Thumbs up for the 🐕 as soon as i saw him. DO ever FEED him? Actually he looks 👍. 1 meat meal a day?

  7. I'll say it for you…How dare that guy call clock… Don't you know "Messing with my money is like messing with my emotions".. Congrats on booking the win and the Tesla.. This vlog is so easy-to-watch…Love it!!

  8. i have two golden retrievers …they are the best dogs! funny enough, i have a buddy who has a golden named Leo and it looks identical to yours!

  9. For some reason,you remind me of boy in 8th grade❗It was a dangerous time. I was cute and artistically talented, he was insulting.Because of you I am re- evaluating my relationship with said" Square" Maybe he was a genius. Anyway, gnerf, good luck at the tables.

  10. Same goes for online. When you have AA cracked 3 times in an hour (like me today), it's time to realise the algorithms are out to get ya and log the fuck out. Sadly I did not do that, and the bad beats and coolers just kept coming. Poker is brutal sometimes.

  11. Ben … I have to comment on your choice of a Tesla, and your belief in the seeming superiority of electric cars. If you want to drive to Vegas, you won't make it in 1 day. During your "lay over", where on 95 will you find a charging station? My sister drives less than 1 mile to work. I suggested she buy a Tesla; she bought a Mercedes instead. They may be great for commuting short distances, but are extremely impractical otherwise. Charging time is quite long, even with a 240V charger. Also, what is the source of all the electricity needed to charge the batteries? Coal-fired plants? Nuclear reactors? Those damnable hydroelectric dams the fish-lovers want to demolish? Surely not the wind turbines that kill all the birds on the endangered species list! C'mon! I enjoy watching your poker vlogs, as well as your silver state ones. Please limit your vlogging to those two areas.

  12. A REALLY good floor person will not grant a clock to be called just because it is requested. A really good floor will take into consideration the amount bet and the situation. Really good floor people are hard to come by.

  13. I know the guy CAN call the clock, but, considering the game you are playing, the casino / floor person should have told them no clock would be used.

  14. Bro, loved you until the Tesla purchase. You have no idea what fuel even is! Haha another brainwashed normie. Peace

  15. I think electric cars are dead/dying technology. The new generation will be hydrogen powered. Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai all have hydrogen cars being tested in certain markets. It takes about as long and costs about as much to refuel as a normal gas-powered car, instead of the hour+ to get a Tesla from 0 to 100% (assuming a supercharger station, not a home charger which puts it more in the 9-10 hour range). And the range with hydrogen cars is north of 360 miles, about 30 miles higher than any Tesla in production right now.

  16. Starts at 4:00. You are welcome. Not a good play with AK and made str on the flop with two clubs btw. You can’t let your opponent get there by playing passively all two streets. If he was aggressive as you stated you should down bet on the flop and take it from there.

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