PokerStars NLH Player Championship, Day 4 (Cards Up)

PokerStars NLH Player Championship, Day 4 (Cards Up)

Cards up coverage of Day 4 of the PokerStars NLH Player Championship.

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PokerStars NLH Player Championship, Day 4 (Cards Up)

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  1. It sucks that there is obvious colluding on the main feature table. Anyone else see the 3 way hand with a set of 4's against Top Top QA and QK on a dry board. It was around the 5:25:00 mark. How did any of that post flop play make sense. You're going to raise that board with your set??? And then fold Top Pair Q with a K kicker ??? And then Martini folds Top Pair Q with an A kicker??? What is going on here??? And then the look and head nod that Martini gave either Koonce or Benger or both after the flop??? Seemed like a signal to me. I wish I could believe that I'm reading too much into it but these players are too good to make these mistakes right? It also seemed like Maria was having a pretty difficult time trying to explain the strategy of that hand

  2. Pokerstars: Why are the commentators never shown? Fine in the case of James, Joe, and Lex (thank you), but we'd like to take a glance at the very camera-friendly Maria Ho, who is also somewhat of a TV celebrity. Who directs this crap?

  3. That's "Filipina" … not Filipino. Please, you're a "journalist". It might do you good to know at least that much. Maybe if you were spending less time in the London Tubes and more time in a Strunk and White's, we'd all benefit. Rivera's wife should be pissed — and so should everybody else from the Philippines where the hell is the love for that guy. With 16 players left that's the first time I've heard his name in the entire four days.

  4. If Maria is inferring that Balmstein should have been opening with any two (w/18 left), I'd be on team Maria on that call. I think he could have destroyed the feature table had he known how to play that big stack. Regardless of whether he wins or not, he gave too many chances back to the little guys to double-up or better and be more dangerous to him.

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