[Real Money — Round 3] Extreme Texas Holdem + Pump Shotty Blackjack Betting System @SugarHouse

Back with Round 3, – real money on Extreme Texas Holdem, a very risky game, and then finally over to the Pump Shotty Blackjack Betting System to win back all losses plus extra…?

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Welcome to the Brunson FX gaming channel where we show you our proven techniques and systems for beating online poker and various games where risk is involved.

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[Real Money -- Round 3] Extreme Texas Holdem + Pump Shotty Blackjack Betting System @SugarHouse

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  1. @Brunson… stop the video at 2:18. Pause it and see what I was saying about the tables and the streaks. They don’t shuffle those decks. Wizard of odds computer shuffles decks. That’s why it varies. Just like the tables in Vegas. Man these tables run off streaks something stupid. If you’re willing to fight or wait, you can 1-3-2-4, mirror + house way and see a return. The tables almost always streak 5-9 every single shoe.

  2. Geolocation Failed.

    We have detected that you are attempting to wager from outside the State of New Jersey. This conduct is in violation of New Jersey state law N.J.S.A 5:12-95.23a. You should immediately cease and desist from attempting to wager from outside of New Jersey. We have retained your user information and future attempts could result in and enforcement action.

    When I clicked on the $1 Baccarat this warning popped up what the heck

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