Rogan on Dana White’s Insane Gambling Addiction

Rogan on Dana White's Insane Gambling Addiction

Joe Rogan Podcast #983 – Natasha Leggero & Moshe Kasher

Rogan talks about casinos giving massive amounts of credit to players and banning players who win too much. Rogan also talks about Dana White and his gambling addiction.

Rogan on Dana White's Insane Gambling Addiction

true story

this video its not mine!

stewie's Gambling Addiction

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  1. Lol, so I wonder who's lying, he just called Dana white his friend. Meanwhile, Dana white comes out and says Joe was never his friend and they were just work colleagues. So who knows, it is pretty odd…

  2. $650,000 for Playing Music -What A Ripoff, Nobody needs that much for playing Music, IDIOTS…..


  4. The reason casinos ban people who win too much is that it is statistically impossible to win at a casino that much so they have to be cheating. It's basically an admission that the casino cheats.

  5. There is a lot of bullshit exaggeration and stupidity in this video – Joe's problem is he believes so much crap that he reads or hears – not a good critical thinker

  6. The whole idea that Casinos can toss people for winning is a fucking joke. THey call it "Gambling" but it's only a Gamble for the player, and not the house. How the fuck is it Gambling if the house can toss you when you start winning. That's a joke. You should be able to stay around and re-coup all your losses…. If that is the case, when Im losing money. I should be able to make them close down their black jack booth. fucking shit is stupid.

  7. I used to card count single and double decks. You have to be very careful when you do or they will throw your ass out and ban you from the casino, which they can do. You get caught by increasing your bet many-fold when the algebraic sum of the remaining cards to be played is in your favor. In addition you have to play basic blackjack flawlessly without thinking about it. When you get greedy is when you get caught. I played with casino money for years; had a good time and got comps. I did it for the mental challenge, not to get rich. One of the biggest distractions is how other people play at your table and make dumb-ass mistakes, so you also have to train your brain to ignore the way other people play or else loose the count.

  8. Casino only have a 1-5% advantage so typically they only make 1-5% of all the money played which is good but im sure the night clubs charge so much they make way more.

  9. Michael Jordan went to baseball because the NBA booted him out until he dealt with his gambling addiction. It was making them look bad so they concocted some bullshit story so Jordan could step aside for a while.

  10. rogan knows squat about betting in Vegas. You can be banned for any reason or no reason. It is​ a private facility.

  11. This short interview scene reminds me of three bimbo middle school chicks gossiping.

  12. Casinos have the right not to accept your business. Restaurants can do it. They're not "in this weird area" please don't talk if you don't know

  13. I feel like Dana White may like to embellish a bit. Of course there's no way to verify this but, well he is a marketing genius with some wild tales…all I'm saying.

  14. This casino thing happened to me once… Only difference is that I didn't lose any money or murder anyone and wound up getting my train ticket money back plus 60 cents from playing blackjack. A little amount, sure, but better than nothing.

  15. This is bullshit Stewie could hack anything on the planet he invented a time machine ffs.

  16. choking a woman in the bathtub with a toaster oven wire? im confused why is that a gambling problem and not a general problem 🙁

  17. You would think strangling that hooker would make up for all that money he lost gambling unless the strangling only happened in his head 🤔

  18. How can a man live without gambling. I mean completely not gambling. What is there to do in weekends? And during football match. U got be so g not live like that

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