Roman Reigns Vs Bobby Lashley Betting Odds For RAW Monday

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Roman Reigns Vs Bobby Lashley Betting Odds For RAW Monday

16 thoughts on “Roman Reigns Vs Bobby Lashley Betting Odds For RAW Monday”

  1. This Match Will Have The Same Outcome From Extreme Rules With Bobby Hitting The Spear And Pinning Roman Reigns Clean 1-2-3

  2. Roman Reigns is Vince guy.. Its setup.. Its either goin to be Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar or a Triple threat match. Either way Roman Reigns is going to the new Universal Champion…

  3. If reigns wins I’m gonna stop watching wrestling. They should have never put the belt on lesnar, it’s unrealistic for anyone to beat him other than lashley or strowman and it makes the company and the talent look like a joke when guys like cena and reigns get all the big matches. Heres an example, their rehashing an old wwe match for their Australian ppv, hhh vs undertaker, instead of ruining the last of an era match, why not do something new and hype worthy like Aj styles vs the undertaker, or shawn Michaels vs styles. Put your wwe champion over.

  4. Roman Reigns Will Beat Bobby Lashley And Then Go To SummerSlam And Beat Brock Lesnar For The WWE Universal Championship then Braun Strowman will cash in.

  5. I think summer saying it's going to be a triple threat match Roman Reigns Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar

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