14 thoughts on “Roulette Blackjack With Big Bets On Three Card Poker”

  1. That cunt in the blackjack at the end when you had pair of 5s, if he didn’t hit his 13 vs 2 (which is basic strategy not to hit 13) dealer would have soft 13, draw the ace he took for soft 14, draw an 8 for hard 12, draw a 3 for 15 then K for bust :/

  2. Hypa why didn't you withdraw the £800 profit. You ended up with what you started with. Anyway come on live stream soon please, we need some entertainment.

  3. Come on twitch soon pleasssee ….been resorted to watching roshtin or whatever his name is and people in Russia gamble lol nothing like you !

  4. At 4:00 that was a bs roll.. it clearly was settling in 35 than gained momentum randomly for the bounce into 3. Straight up bullshit no questions.

  5. Doesn't matter what other players think with 12 against a 2. It's your money and whatever u feel it's right. My heart always says highly u likely a dealer will go over 21 with just a 2 or 3 card showing.

  6. mate all those deposits … just £500 in with match deposit and there you go .. would of made more sense for the 1k start you wanted

  7. Hyps your a sound lad but ffs stop wasting your cash m8. Those cars you want are a distant thing but not if you stop spunking your cash away. Your a young lad. Cherish your money mate. 😡

  8. Oh man, that 500 on 26 total numbers with red bet was brutal, 75% to hit a number and still a loss. Its Like having 19 vs dealer 16 and to lose.. It was just everything against you, simular to my losing streaks. The whole compilation was more than we can ask for. You tried to build ballance different tactics, , tried different games and still… Maybe end is near for gambling…

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