Experts explain the science behind beating roulette

Experts explain the science behind beating roulette

Beat roulette with science.
Experts explain the science behind beating roulette

17 thoughts on “Experts explain the science behind beating roulette

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  3. all numbers on the roulette always fall into the same groups pattern, predicting groups is easy predicting each solo number is not possible because the numbers always fall into groups, example 123 or 312 or 231 see the same group but the numbers are fall different and therefore you can not predict solo numbers only numbers in group

  4. first you need to understand the numbers on the wheel and table before using a strategy,There are no good strategies on the internet. but they use magnets, so the casino always wins over the long term
    but if you understand the patterns on the wheel and table, you'll get far but
    everyone puts bets in without knowledge

  5. These videos never show the truth how to really beat roulette in the long run…I wish YouTube could show the real videos at the top of the searches!

  6. Here's my thoughts and experience's. You CAN beat roulette, but before you beat roulette, you MUST beat yourself first. Meaning that greed, that emotion, that mentality, whatever it is that drives us to chase money or win big, must be tamed. THAT is what we must beat first. I use double up strategies on colours, on 2 dozens, on specific sets of numbers that I like. You MUST have a cut off point. You WILL lose if you cant accept that some days you lose and cut your losses. I dont encourage gambling to anyone, but I know how enjoyable it is and how gripping it can be.

    Im about £5300 in profit from roulette. I have recently achieved this due to more self control. I used to play with smaller bankrolls (£150) and try build up to £300. I would do this, then the next day, then the next. I would be massively in profit, in comparison to what i started with. But then, a bad streak would come up for me, I would lose my 150, but rather than walk away, I would double AGAIN. and risk 2 days worth of winnings on one single spin. Lose, then again if I could. Then I would be full of regret and feel terrible all day (im sure you guys who gamble can relate). Then im back to square one. I sometimes would deposit MORE in order to chase my losses. BIG MISTAKE. I now play with £600. I start with £20 -£25 bets, double up if i lose. I repeat this 4 times building up to £700 and stop. NO MATTER WHAT. No greed, no 'its a lucky day for me ill carry on', no 'im having fun playing so ill keep going'. £100 a day is awesome for me on top of working. I withdraw my £100 daily and carry on. Ive not lost my bank roll by doing this yet. I will one day. I know one day ill come on and be unlucky. Its a fact. If I only risk my £600, being over £5000 up, i cannot lose today. THATS whats important, thats how you win. Discipline.

  7. You can’t win at roulette Einstein even said so the only way to win at roulette is to steal money from the table and to run away.

  8. Boy did they screw up in the start of this video! They said placing your chip on one number gives you thirty five to one odds. The right word is payout. The actual odds of winning with one number are thirty eight to one for American, and thirty seven to one for European.

  9. Fuck yeah. Paying attention is key. If you feel lucky and drunk enough and just walking by the table and wanna throw 500 on red, you probably shouldn't be there

  10. In my city the new roulette wheel is heavily wired and computerized….time to wonder if the computer can give them any number they desire, and we are unable to prove it. Too much computer control on a simple wheel. Wayyyyy too much it is very suspicious and all we have is the casinos word there is no cheating. I think they can now. The proof would be software.

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