She’s a Poker Vlogger

She's a Poker Vlogger

Happy to introduce the person making the funniest poker vlogs out there at the moment: Marle Cordeiro. I wanted to get her thoughts on how she approaches studying, whether she’s on the path of poker superstar or comedic household name, and the importance of friends in poker. Marle also takes us through some hand histories from a /NL cash game session at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

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Second by Julian Avila:

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She's a Poker Vlogger

18 thoughts on “She’s a Poker Vlogger”

  1. "I'm here at the river with Queen-High and a dream" LOL!

    I just found her vlog a few days ago. She's hysterical!

  2. I just started watching her videos a couple days ago. She has a great sense of humor. Hopefully she keeps going with it.

  3. Love the vlog! Love how you’re honest and human! I also see you’re working on your New Year goals in this vlog! Keep up the amazing work!

    I see some others are in town for the Rock & Roll marathon…

    A MUG would be awesome during the event.

    In town Sat -Tuesday 10-13 November

    Let’s do this!!!

  4. Hi Andrew, thank you for your vlogs. I've been a subscriber and have almost every video you've posted on your outstanding channel. We've also met in person a few times and exchanged email as well. I love that you're helping a fellow poker player/vlogger. Good on you. At the same time, the quality of this vlog (hand analysis and personality/charm) declined.

  5. Drew, coming out Wed. thru Sun, would love to join a meet up game and have some beers after, is there one this week?

  6. Miss he thinks he can out play u that is why he plays against u not because he hates woman he think u suck

  7. 3:39 Why do you c-bet so huge? Wouldn't it be better to c-bet smaller and then barrel turn and/or river? You get him to call some hands on the flop that are then forced to fold turn, thus you win a bigger pot.

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