Sprung (Part One) A Gambling Story

For the gambling fanatics that enjoyed the earlier gambling interviews and purchasers of the book “SPRUNG” available on Amazon.com- this segment features Kev Mac and the motive behind the book as well as how gambling became a huge part of his life.

Interview by Moe Model aka Moeses Soulright For Kev Mac Videos. Editied by Kev Mac.

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Sprung (Part One) A Gambling Story

12 thoughts on “Sprung (Part One) A Gambling Story”

  1. It was a pleasure doing this interview with Kev. This interview really shows the dichotomy of LA. Here we are in the middle of 18st/Geer Gang hood and there’s parrots squawking in the trees.

  2. If Kev Mac was to really tell his gambling stories all the way UNKUTT y'all probably wouldn't believe him, but all of it is TRUE bkuz I was a FRONTLINE gambler with Kev Mac from 3rd Ave, to the 20s, to the 46sixes, to the 60s, to LAS VEGAS, & back to the hood.

  3. 10:57 That's the homie Pan aka Peanut who's doing 20yrs in the Feds. I remember when he won $50,000 in LAS VEGAS, and bought a car. Miss those days shooting dice w/ Pan, Kev Mac, Chief, Bay Bay, & everybody when we had the dice table in the back yard

  4. Blood I love this Kev Mac, my dude never disrespectful always real..
    Being older I don't care if you Blood, or Crip you black let's function..

  5. We use to ditch john muir jr. high and go the fox hills mall amd play at the arcade…we use to catch the bus on slauson ave and vermont…back in 89' 90'

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